10 Different Types of Camping For Aspiring Outdoorists-panergy

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10 Different Types of Camping For Aspiring Outdoorists-panergy

The Different Types of Camping Styles

1. Tent Camping

Tent camping is the most basic type of camping that everyone essentially knows about — it involves pitching a tent at a local park, recreational spots or just about anywhere as long as it is the great outdoors.

Tent camping has come a long way but the very basics of it involve spending a few nights in nature, enjoying food over a bonfire or your own camping set up and endless stargazing.

There’s not a lot of specific descriptions to meet the ideal setup for tent camping as it often includes a variety of styles in shared spaces with the idea of spending a night outside!

In fact, a famous Japanese anime called laid-back camp was something that perfectly describes what it means to get out to capture the true essence of primitive camping in various campsites around Japan’s forests, lakes and mountains.

2. Backpacking/Hiking Camping

In those days, backpacking would often mean just roughing it out and finding ways to live out of your backpack with a mix of homestays and sometimes camping in the mountains.

But camping is very much a mainstay in the backpacking world as more people dig the adventure lifestyle and stay away from the beaten path!

The idea of backpacking is being as self-sufficient as possible with preparing everything that’s needed for your long 10-day or 3-week hike in the mountains.

A backpacking or hiking camping trip could be bridged into an ultralight version where camping won’t be necessary, you could change it up with a tarp or a bivvy bag!

3. RV/Van Camping

If #vanlife has gotten you remotely interested in camping, then you’ll notice how people have taken Instagram by storm with their various gramworthy layouts!

It’s not all roses and fairies, as it does require a fair bit of setup and planning. Campervans are a less decked up version of recreational vehicles (RV) and offer the minimalist version of being on the road. It is equivalent to having your own motorhome wild camping version!

On the other hand, RVs are great for a long-term setup or those who need more amenities when you’re on the road for longer. T

With thousands of excursions these days offering a mix of vanlife and campervan/RV experience, you could always go for these tasters before seeing if a complete lifestyle overhaul is for you!

Some of the best places to go include RV Camping in British Columbia or other parts in the US and its vast network of national parks.


4. Survival Camping

Imagine being stuck in frigid temperatures where you are dropped in a remote location and have to fend for yourself — that’s exactly what survival camping is about.

The basics of survival camping involve extremes in being in the wilderness from learning to forage and hunting for food, setting up ropes and exploring how to navigate tough situations in the event of emergencies.

It requires a bit of grit, and hard work if you know you’re going to embark on a long-end survivalist adventure and it requires knowing the ins and outs of your terrain.

For starters, survival camping is very common in countries where the highest mountains are and very conditions can be very rough, think Russia, the Arctic countries or even desert-like areas in Mexico and Jordan.

5. Ultralight Camping

There’s no real definition of ultralight camping, it’s more of a mindset thing that pack weight rules and measurements.

Ultralight camping is about freeing yourself from rules and using a setup that “works for you”.

It could be bivvy bag (more on that later), tarp camping or even a single one-person tent — a lighter setup means being able to cover wider terrain and having a comfortable experience in the outdoors.

You can choose not to cook and carry no-cook meals, and focus on just enjoying being present and having the ability to go anywhere as you please.

6. Overlanding

If you love off-roading and the idea of combining it with nights spend outdoors, overlanding is the right type of adventure.

It involves taking your 4x4 truck as you navigate through hard to reach corners of the world.

Discovery is the primary objective with overlanding — it could be a waterfall, rolling hills or sweeping vistas, you’re in it for a treat as there’s often nobody but just you in these wild spaces.

7. Hammock Camping

The tent and traditional camping may not be the most feasible option especially when you’re on a last-minute trip and crave that spontaneous decision to just sleep outside.

8. Backyard Camping

It may be the least adventurous ways of all the other types of camping but backyard camping offers you a reason to be outside without going far.

You can use it as a stepping stone to get comfortable with your wilderness pursuits. Train yourself to pitch a tent, setup a fire and cook simple meals without getting stressed out about your main trip.

Backyard camping is also a great way to introduce the outdoors to your family and organise a camping 101 with every age group both old and young.

9. Bivvy Sack Camping

A cross between a sleeping bag and a tent, bivvy sack camping is essentially camping without a tent.

It is as lightweight as it gets but it also offers you a low-profile minimal setup with some basic coverage to let you camp on short trips. There are no tent moles or inflatable mats needed, making it the perfect minimalist setup.

For $100 at a minimum, you’ll be able to go camping without having to worry about setting up a tent. The only problem is you can’t bring your gear inside and there’s essentially no privacy.

You’re exposed to the elements making it a risky option — they also end up looking like body bags which may be claustrophic for some.

14. Tarp Camping

A tarp tent is essentially a tarpaulin used instead of a tent, one that is rigged with poles, tent pegs and guy lines.

They often have a place in a hikers bag especially those who love an extra lightweight setup. There are so many ways to set up a tarp that suits your level of comfort.

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