3 camping tent fans that really work-ipanergy

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3 camping tent fans that really work-ipanergy

Tent fans are a cheap and widely used alternative to keep you cool when camping on a hot summer day. Because they’re lightweight and battery operated (often rechargeable ones),  there’s no need to worry about power sources or buying expensive generators. They are not as powerful as a tent AC, but they do have some other features that make them very useful to bring on a camping trip. You can also check out some solar powered devices, in case you’re not happy with the battery life those I’m going to mention in this article.

Key features of a fan that can operate inside a tent

The first and most important thing is the operation time. Most small ventilators that run on batteries will only have enough “juice” to operate for a couple of hours or maybe more for the ones with more than 4000mA lithium batteries. You need to consider this if you don’t have access to any power source. You need to find a solar charger to extend their runtime.

Secondly, you need to figure out the best way to fit the fan. A convenient solution will be a ceiling mount fan, this way you will achieve a better air circulation and reduce the risk of accidentally hitting it.

Last but not least, you should decide on the size of the blower – not that you have many options when it comes to this. The largest battery operated fan that I was able to find was 11 inches in diameter.

Can a fan cool a tent?

I hear this question very often, and many times people get this wrong. Electric fans were not invented to cool rooms, tents or any kind of closed spaces; they are not able to do this. Their only purpose is to create a wind chill effect.

Think about it, all the electricity that powers the air blower will turn into heat at some point, thus, making the device itself radiate heat. But then how do you feel cooler when the fan blows air towards you? The answer is straightforward, and it has to do with how fast you can evaporate the sweat. If the air circulates at high speeds (like the wind blowing), the sweat produced by our bodies (sweat is the way we eliminate heat) will evaporate quickly, thus giving you the nice chill effect.

How much should I spend on one?
Since you know what they're really for, I'm sure you're considering spending a little less than you initially planned. A good deal for a 10" fan is to pay no more than $25. Sadly, there are very few fans over 10 inches that are battery powered.

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