3 Window Fans So You Won't Get Tangled In Your Own Sweaty Sheets This Summer-ipanergy

by Zoe Lin
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3 Window Fans So You Won't Get Tangled In Your Own Sweaty Sheets This Summer-ipanergy

1. A dual-direction remote-control window fan reviewers are saying really cools down the room by drawing in cool air and blowing out hot air — leaving you mercifully free of swampiness. 

reviewer photo of window dan in kitchen next to stove
reviewer photo of window fan

Promising review: "Smooth as silk! Fans have sure come a long way! THIS one — you can set the temperature! And it looks like it will actually reach it, and COOL the room! And it has a remote! I am thrilled with this smooth running, quiet fan that actually cools. It's well made, well designed...and simply brilliant. Update: After more than two months of using this fan I'm still loving it! What a great design! If you just allow a few seconds after changing to a new fan speed — I don't think you'll have any problems with blown fuses. I haven't. Just let the fan fully stop before you change to a new speed. It's only about three seconds of a wait. Overall, I don't think you'll find a better window fan.

2. horizontal or vertical window fan built with an internal thermostat so you can keep track of the temperature that will ACTUALLY cool down your room instead of just blowing warm air around. Wild!

reviewer photo of window fan installed vertically

Promising review: "This fan saved us from melting in our tiny studio apartment!! We live in a very old building that has not been remodeled, no AC, and we are not allowed to buy and use portable AC units because it can cause power outages so we can only use fans. We had one big fan that helped a little but not too much, on very hot days it would just blow hot air around the room. With this window fan, the temperature in our apartment actually cools down a lot. We loved so much that we purchased a second one

3. A whole house window fan that reviewers say moves an insane amount of air and, yes, does cool off your whole house. So if you're looking for a powerhouse of a fan that sucks air in and out like that's its job, this one's a winner!

Promising review: "I have a very long and skinny one-bedroom apartment in a 100 unit in a 110-year-old building — so the bricks absorb all the heat all day from the sun and the bricks gives off all that heat at night. My apartment will be 85 degrees inside at night when it’s 65 degrees outside. This fan is powerful enough that I can put it on one end of my house, open the window at the other end with the fan on exhaust; it pulls the fresh cool air from outside into and across the entire house. I usually have to turn my AC on in the spring just because I can never cool the house off after being in the sun all day, but this fan made it so I could put off using my ac until the 90 degree high humidity days. If I wasn’t in the city, I could probably get away with not using AC at all

by Zoe Lin


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