4 Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Ceiling Fans--ipanergy

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4 Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Ceiling Fans--ipanergy

Some say summers in the US are getting hotter because of "global warming." Forecasts also suggest that summer could last for half a year by 2030.

If you live in an area with warm summers, you probably spend a lot of time sheltering indoors with the air conditioner turned on and fans under. However, did you know that you can also install outdoor ceiling fans?

Many people don't realize they can have outdoor ceiling fans in addition to indoor ceiling fans. Outdoor ceiling fans have many benefits and are an inexpensive way to cool off in the summer.

If you want to stay cool year-round, read on as we list all the benefits of having an outdoor ceiling fan in your home.

1. They keep you cool on hot summer days
The main benefit of outdoor ceiling fans is that they help keep you cool on hot days when you want to sit outside. Many of us spent over half a year expecting to spend more time in outdoor living areas - only to be caught up in the heat.

If you choose to install an outdoor ceiling fan, you can enjoy a cool breeze on your skin even on the quietest of summer days.

2. Outdoor ceiling fans can also keep bugs away
Another advantage of outdoor ceiling fans is that they help keep bugs out. We all know that familiar feeling when the wind stops and the bugs start biting and buzzing.

That's enough to drive anyone off their deck. However, if you choose to install a large ceiling fan or two in the outdoor area, you can keep bugs at bay by keeping the air moving.

3. Having an outdoor ceiling fan helps you make the most of your outside living area
If bugs and hot weather keep you indoors, it means you're not using the outdoor area as much. It's scientifically proven that spending time outdoors is great for your health, and being able to enjoy an outdoor living area is an ideal way to get some fresh air and sunshine without leaving your home.

Completing an exterior ceiling fan installation can help you maximize your outdoor areas and make the most of them, even when the weather is hot or muggy.

4. Outdoor ceiling fans are great for entertaining
Did you know that the human body emits about 330 BTU per hour? If you're entertaining outdoors in the summer, gathered guests can actually raise the temperature if there isn't any air movement.

Outdoor ceiling fans are great for summer entertaining as they cool the area and bring in a soft, soothing breeze for your guests.

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Outdoor ceiling fans have many benefits. They keep you cool in the summer and allow you to maximize your outdoor living space. They also help keep bugs out and are great for outdoor entertaining.

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