4 great portable fans and why you'll be glad you have one--ipanergy

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4 great portable fans and why you'll be glad you have one--ipanergy

We are on the verge of summer and temperatures are about to get sweltering. Will every room in your home be comfortable?

While ceiling fans are great for spacious areas, you may want a more portable option to help keep your small room as cool as possible.

This is where desk fans come in!

Compact, portable and easy to store, these are the perfect solution for your small space needs. You can even find stand-up models with distinct styles.

Today, we're exploring some of the features that make these fans so handy. We'll also explore some of our favorite models and share how you can find the best model for your needs today.

Why invest in a stand, table or table fan?
You already have some strategically placed ceiling fans. So, why check out a portable fan?

Think about it: You don't want to keep your ceiling fan running. Doing so can overcool your home and cause your energy bills to skyrocket. When you're looking for quick, short-term cooling, a portable fan is exactly what you need.

Also, there are places you might not have a ceiling fan installed, such as your home office or patio. Air circulation is still important in these spaces, and a portable fan is the perfect solution.

Whether you're installing a desk fan in your office or a standing fan in your family room, you'll love the convenience these models offer. They set up in seconds, store easily in a closet, and pack incredible power for such a compact machine.

Looking to buy a few for your home? We offer a variety of options designed to meet the aesthetic and spatial requirements of any personal style. Let's take a look at our four best-selling models.

1. Stylish industrial floor fan
Looking for accessories that can liven up your decor and serve up important purchases? Fanimation's Arden Floor Fan is the answer.

Combining smooth walnut legs with oil-brushed bronze or satin nickel cages, this fan will blend seamlessly with a variety of decors from mid-century modern to traditionalism.

The legs form a classic tripod shape, evoking timeless style, while the jet black fan blades are simple and classic. At just under 44 inches tall, it is capable of three different speeds and offers 50 degrees of swing.

If you're looking for a minimalist statement piece, this is a fan you'll love adding to your collection. Brace it next to a sofa, near a chair, or near a table so everyone can talk.

2. Retro Breeze Desk Fan
Whose grandparents didn't have a counter fan on their kitchen table or bedroom dresser? Until central HVAC took hold, these machines relied heavily on keeping everyone in the house cool and comfortable.

One of the first electronic devices, fans, were introduced in the late 1800s, and tabletop models with metal safety cages became popular in the early 1900s.

Now, they are snapped up by vintage shoppers and collectors who are drawn to their retro appeal! Thankfully, you don't have to scour flea markets or raid your aunt's attic to find a replica.

The Retro Breeze Tabletop/Fan is another of Fanimation's favorites. Available in a matte black or satin nickel finish, it has all the features you love from models of yesteryear, while still being safe, reliable and tech-savvy.

While many copycat fans share a similar look, using plastic in the construction, this all-metal version looks and feels like the real deal. You'll also find it's heavier and quieter than those sold at the big box stores.

Offering 80-degree side-to-side swing and 30-degree up and down swing, this small stunner produces impressive airflow!

3. Classic desktop/desk fan
Few antiques are as instantly recognizable as the desk fans that dominated the 1950s. While Round Table fans were introduced a decade ago, they got a retro makeover for the rock and roll era.

Fanimation pays homage to this design with the Urbanjet Desk Fan. With three speeds and a 50-degree blade pitch, it's a capable model that cools spaces well. However, one of the most impressive features of Urbanjet is that you can buy a variety of fun colors!

Love decorating with fun retro finds? Complete the full steam retro with light blue or spicy red. Or, opt for a timeless touch in Mystic Black, Sonic Silver or Creamy Ivory.

Either way, you can't go wrong when choosing this model!

4. Portable USB Fan
Remember when we said today's portable fans are getting more tech-savvy? Fanimation's Urbanjet Junior Portable USB Fan is one of the models we're talking about!

Featuring an all-black finish with deep black blades, this miniature fan looks and operates similarly to its parent model, the Fanimation Urbanjet, detailed above.

The overall design is sleek, modern and super cool. It also includes a USB cable, making it the perfect addition to any home office!

Measuring just 4.4 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall, this fan features a dual-blade design that can run at two different speeds. If you're used to sitting in front of your computer and feeling stuffy, this handy accessory is easy to store in your desk drawer for quick retrieval. Great for travel too!

Stay cool anytime, anywhere with a portable fan
We love well-built ceiling fans, but we know they're not always the answer. Sometimes you need a portable desk fan or desk fan to cool a small space in seconds.

Alternatively, you can plug in a floor fan for powerful relief and a stylish touch. Whatever your personal preference, we've got the models you need from brands you can trust.

Feel free to shop our selection of portable fans today and find the one you're looking for. We also offer a wide range of ceiling fan and general purpose fan lights, as well as related parts and accessories.

During this process, please contact us for more information or to ask any questions. We're here to keep you calm, one rotation at a time.

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