4 Simple and Delicious Camping Breakfasts - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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4 Simple and Delicious Camping Breakfasts - Panergy


Camping BreakfastsLet's start simple.  Get a good cast iron skillet and let it sit over your campfire for a few minutes.  When it's hot, add some bacon and cook it, turning occasionally.  You don't need high heat and you don't need any oil or grease.
When the bacon is cooked, place it on a paper towel and add eggs to the skillet.  They'll cook in the bacon grease.  The key to good campfire eggs is low heat, so move the skillet away from the fire.  In fact, you might even be able to remove the skillet from the fire entirely, since it'll pick up quite a bit of heat while you cook your bacon.


Really, you can scramble anything with eggs that you'd scramble at home, provided that you've got the right tools.  You don't even need a skillet for this recipe.  Compared to your stove, food cooks slowly on your campfire, so it's perfect for eggs cooked in aluminum foil.
If you're cooking spuds or onions, however, you'll want to put those on first in their own foil packet.  Season them with a little oil, pepper, salt and whatever else you'd like.  After a few minutes, put another aluminum packed over the fire with your eggs, bacon--chopped into fine bits to allow it to cook faster--and tomato.  Put the two cooked packets together for an amazing homemade meal.
Remember, if you bring bacon or other meats, be sure to cook it within the first few days unless you have a source of refrigeration.


Yes, pancakes.  Prepare the mix at home and bring them with you for an excellent, delicious meal.  You'll need to combine a cup of flour, a teaspoon of baking powder, a half teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt.
While you heat a skillet over your campfire, add two tablespoons of butter or margarine, a cup of water or milk and an egg to the concoction.  Grease your skillet and cook the pancakes one at a time, turning when bubbles rise throughout the batter.
Add some fresh fruit to the pancakes for an especially gratifying treat.


Some carbohydrates should give you plenty of energy throughout your day.  Buy store-bought biscuits--you could rough it and make your own mix before you leave, but store bought biscuits are a lot easier.  After all, this is a camping trip, not a cooking trip.
Grab your trusty skillet and melt a teaspoon of butter while you open the can of biscuits.  Add them to the pan and turn them after about 5-7 minutes.  These won't taste like the biscuits you make in your oven at home, but they fill your campfire with an amazing smell and pick up some of the campfire smoke.  An awesome and very filling treat.
When you cook outdoors, pay attention to your heat source.  Most cooking is controlling heat, so think about what you're cooking and don't worry about moving your skillet occasionally.  If you cook breakfast at home at all, you'll quickly adapt to the campfire.

by Regina Wu


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