5 Amazing Camping Hot Chocolate Recipes - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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5 Amazing Camping Hot Chocolate Recipes - Panergy

Camping Hot Chocolate RecipesHot Chocolate is a staple of cold and winter camping. Nothing out in the wilderness can make us feel so close to home as a cup full of hot chocolate. But, perhaps because it is a tradition, simple hot chocolate can get a little stale with time. Here are 5 unique camping hot chocolate variations that will liven up your taste buds and your camping experience.
The second best thing about these recipes is that they do not require a degree in Mixology, lots of extra time, or crazy gear so you can bring the ingredients to the campsite. These recipes are easy, simple, and flexible. And once you try them, you'll learn the best thing about them is the taste.


A little marshmallow in your hot chocolate is nothing special, but when you take that marshmallow and roast it, you open yourself up to some delicious and messy flavors. The idea is simple. As you are boiling up some water for your hot chocolate, roast 2 marshmallows until they are kissed by fire and gooey. Mix your hot chocolate together and plop those 2 marshmallows right into it. Stir this for a little bit. The marshmallows will melt in the heat but it will also mix the sweetened, almost burned flavors into your cup while making it a bit thicker. This is an easy way to make hot chocolate just a bit better without needing a bunch of extra ingredients. You can also add a candy bar if you want to get really crazy!


You can either mix this at home and bring it along or you can just do it at the campsite. All you need is your regular hot chocolate mix (I think dark chocolate is better in this recipe than regular), instant vanilla pudding, and instant orange pudding. To your regular serving of hot chocolate mix add a tablespoon of the vanilla pudding mix and a teaspoon of the orange pudding mix. If you want more orange you can change it up, but I think orange is better as a subtle flavor. Once mixed up you'll have a warm drink that is tasty, creamy, with just a hint of orange.


This is a great hot chocolate drink to begin the day, especially if you are planning on doing some serious hiking. At home take your favorite milk hot chocolate recipe and add one serving on instant coffee, 1 teaspoon powdered milk, and 1 teaspoon vanilla instant pudding per serving. Make as much as you want and bring it to the campsite. Once there, just add 8 fluid ounces of boiling water to a serving and mix. It is has sweetness, it has a kick, and it goes down smooth.


Prepare your favorite hot chocolate as normal. We are going to be introducing two different flavors of mint, so a stronger hot chocolate is usually better, either a dark hot chocolate mix or use a little bit less water so the chocolate is stronger. As you are mixing it put in one Peppermint Patty into the mix. And then, stir this with a Candy Cane. The peppermint patty mixes and dissolves deep into the hot chocolate and gives a clean mint flavor while the candy cane gives us the sweetness to balance it out.


Heat from cayenne peppers heightens the flavors deep within chocolate. Going too far will create a flavor that is all heat, but when you balance it out right you get a better tasting chocolate that is unforgettable. At home take your favorite instant hot chocolate mix and add 1 teaspoon powdered milk, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Bring this to the campsite and fire up your camping stove. It may not seem like much, but these ingredients will take your hot chocolate mix and amplify it by 10. Add 8 ounces of boiling water to the mix and stir well. The powdered milk makes it smoother while the cayenne pepper makes the hot chocolate explode in your mouth. In a good way.

These 5 variations of hot chocolate are super simple to make, unique, and unforgettable. We don't need to make our mixes from scratch every time we want to enjoy a decent cup of hot chocolate.

by Regina Wu


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