5 Items for Keeping Your Campsite Clean - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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5 Items for Keeping Your Campsite Clean - Panergy

One of the first rules of camping is to leave everything exactly as you'd found it. Campers need to preserve nature, and leaving a few stray plastic bags roaming around your site won't exactly endear you to other campers or park rangers.Clean Campsite

Many campers are unaware of how they affect their environments and leave pollutants, litter and other unsavory items behind them.  Here's a few items that should make clean camping easier.


Look for soap that doesn't contain any phosphates. Check that it's fully biodegradable, and try to keep it out of the local water out of kindness to your fellow campers. Most campsites recommend bathing away from local water sources, so don't treat a lake as your personal bathtub.  Bring fresh water for bathing and stay at least 200 feet from water sources.



Shop towels are better than paper towels for camping because they're somewhat reusable, but still cheap enough to throw in your trash bag at the end of the day. You should also pack a few normal towels and washcloths. Try to conserve your waste for the benefit of the environment and other campers.



You'll certainly need to take some trash bags with you, and you can also find pop-up trash cans to keep your campsite organized and clean. These products are typically made with polyethylene, and you can put used trash bags in them and zip the top closed to hide your refuse at night. Pop-up camp trash cans are excellent camping gear because they store easily. Bring one along even if your campsite has a dumpster to minimize the number of trips you take to haul garbage away from your camping space.



If you hunt or fish, never clean your kill on the ground.  You'll attract wild animals and make an unnecessary mess. Buy a cleaning station or make one yourself from a non-porous material. When you're finished, you'll need to bury the unusable parts of your catch somewhere far away from your campsite. Check for local laws and never throw your waste back into the water.



This might sound like an odd item to bring on a camping trip, but remember, you need to clean your tent before you pack it up. You'll have an easier time if you keep a coarse doormat right next to the entrance of the tent. You can also keep a large sheet or tarp in the tent and wash it separately when you get back home from your campsite.

Before you leave, check that everything from your campsite is in its right place. Use a checklist to pack up everything that you brought with you and always be mindful of your fellow campers. By camping clean, you'll avoid harming the local ecosystem and make it easier for other people to enjoy the outdoors.

by Regina Wu


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