5 Tips for Summer Camping - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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5 Tips for Summer Camping - Panergy

Summer is a double edged sword. While the weather is warm, it can cause heat exhaustion. While the sun is up, it can cause sun exposure. With the beauty can come threats. These pleasant things can lead to some dangerous things if you're not prepared. With just a few tips, tricks, and warnings all of the dangers that come will Summer can be prevented, and you can start to enjoy it.Summer Camping Tips


When you camp, hike, and have fun out in the hot, hot summer you are going to burn a lot more calories than you are used to. And because of that you have to eat more. A lot more. Most people will burn more than 50% additional calories each day while out in the summer while being active. It can be an extreme danger for you if you do not eat enough. Fatigue, dehydration, and lack of strength can all occur from eating too little.


When it comes to choosing your campsite, not all locations are equal. A very good campsite will have a balance of shade and light. In the summer, the shade will feel over 20 degrees cooler, and will be the perfect place to keep your cooler and a few chairs. If you have a chance to look at the campsite prior, you want to see where the sun will be during the hottest times, around noon to three. This is when you're going to want the most shade as possible. Having shade in the morning or late does very little as the temperatures are lower then.

If you aren't camping in area with natural shade, consider a solar shade tent, screen house, or canopy to keep that sun from beating down on you. The investment in a nice shade source will be well worth it and will come in handy on many outdoor excursions. Not only will these keep you cool in the shade, but they can also help to keep those pesky summer mosquitoes from eating you alive.


Having a cool tent during the summer is very important. Not only is it more comfortable for you to sleep in, but keeping your tent cool protects your tent. Even high quality tents with a Sun Proof sealant on it can receive some damage from heat and sun exposure. Much like when you pick the location for your campsite, you want to pick a place for your tent that will not suffer from a lot of sunlight, especially during noon to three. If you cannot, or if you want to be extra safe, make sure you get a tent cover to protect the tent when you are not using it.


Know the rules and the laws of your area. Some places will not allow fires if the temperature is above a certain amount. Also, know how to handle a fire in the warm summer nights. They're usually easier to light, and hard to put out completely. Another thing you need to know is concerning your Fire Wood. Some places will not allow you to bring your own. That's because some insects can stow away in your Fire Wood and then once they're released in this new environment, they could cause serious damage to an area that is not ready for this outside pest.


No big surprise here, but in the summer you are going to need to take more steps to staying cool. One of the very best ways to do this is to stay hydrated. No one cannot express this enough. Drink water and then drink more and then have some more. Try to avoid things that dehydrate you like coffee and alcohol. Staying hydrated will keep you cool from the inside out.
A small fan can do a lot of work at your campsite. During those dry, still days of the hot summer, even the smallest of breezes can make a very large difference. There are several simple Solar Power adapters that you can get that will run a pretty good sized fan.
When it comes to Camping in the hot summer you battle a balancing act. Beauty for heat. Fun for danger. But you can put the odds in your favor by reducing the dangers, keeping you and yours safe. After that, enjoying the summer is simple.

by Regina Wu


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