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by Regina Wu
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7 Notoriously Ignored Camping Rules - Panergy


If you are camping with your pet, you may think it's fine to go out into the woods and let the dog do their business. So far, so good. But if you think you can leave their business behind, you are wrong. Even when you are in the middle of the woods, alone, you must clean up your pet's waste. Not only could another camper or hiker step in it, but you can also be disrupting the fragile ecosystem that you are trying to maintain.



Every campsite will have specific hours that are deemed 'quiet time'. It's not a clever name, it means during those times you should keep all noises to a minimum. But many people simply ignore it and keep playing music, chatting loudly, and being obnoxious. You should not wait until a nearby camper comes up and requests you keep it down, you should never put any one in the position where they have to ask that of you.



Even when it's not quiet time, you still need to be careful with your music. Just because you like a certain song, band, or genre of music it does not mean everyone else around you must endure listening to it. Listening to music is fine when you have the volume set to a reasonable level and you're sure your music is not offensive to anyone (like songs with swears while children are nearby).



If you go to a campground with a shared bathroom/shower room you may find some people in there giving their dishes a good scrub. If you felt completely dirty and grossed out, you are not alone. Doing your dishes in a shared space (that isn't a kitchen) is a big no-no.



You can do you dishes at a campsite, though. But you need to be completely aware of the landscapes around you. First, you must use a soap that is biodegradable and approved to be used in the outdoors. Second, you must find a place that will not leak into any water like lakes, streams, or rivers. This usually means at least 200 feet from any water source (even the sources underground).



If you are planning on having a big, roaring fire at the campsite it may make sense to bring your own wood, right? Wrong! You can cause a lot of damage by doing this. When you bring wood from one environment and place it in another you can bring all kinds of insects and bacteria that can do serious damage. Plus, if you buy firewood where you visit you will be supporting them more, which is always good.



Never leave food out at night. I know it's annoying. You spent the whole day camping, hiking, and exploring. Then you made a big meal, ate it, and now you just want to pass out. But leaving food out that is not secured or hung up will attract dangerous animals to your campsite. Always have a plan for your food.

These 7 Camping Rules are surprisingly ignored by many, many people. If you find that shocking, then that just means you're doing the right thing and showing others respect. Good for you. If you are an offender of some of these camping crimes now is the time to ask for redemption and start anew.

by Regina Wu


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