7 Portable Fans To Relax When It's Too Hot To Run--ipanergy

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7 Portable Fans To Relax When It's Too Hot To Run--ipanergy

Several parts of the country are currently in the midst of a heat wave. With temperatures soaring into the 90s — or even 100s — and the humidity that comes with it, it's safe to say we're all a little hot right now.

However, there are ball games to cheer, picnics to attend, fireworks to watch, and worst of all, no air-conditioned offices to go to work. Which got us thinking - there must be some cute portable fans out there to help us beat the heat, right?

Here are seven cool (no pun intended), super cute portable fans that are perfect to take with you this summer, from the park or the beach to the office or bedroom. Even in the swelter of weather, they help keep you calm and keep you smiling.

1. An Un-Bear-Ably Cute Fan

How do you make a handheld fan a whole lot cuter? Dress it up as a bear, of course! The bear ears and arms on this beary adorable fan take it to a whole new level of sweet. Plus, it’s compact enough to stash in your purse, comes with two fan speeds, and can be recharged via a USB cord. Win-win-win.

2. The Coolest Handheld Fan In Town

This is the ideal fan to bring to the beach (or pool). Not only is this fan small enough to toss in your beach bag, but it’s perfectly on-theme, thanks to its ice cream cone design. All you need are two AA batteries to get this baby going, and then it’s cool breezes for you as everyone else sweats it out. (We’re sure you’ll share, though.)

3. A Summer-Y Flamingo Fan

You might not be basking on the beaches of a tropical destination, but you can pretend like you are with this amazing desk fan.

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