8 Outdoor Baby Gear Accessories for Summer Stroller Outings--ipanergy

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8 Outdoor Baby Gear Accessories for Summer Stroller Outings--ipanergy

Keeping little ones comfortable and safe during the hot summer months can turn into a real challenge. Here are some products that’ll help you keep your cool.

While it’s great to get out of the house, enjoy parks, festivals and other fun summer activities, keeping kids cool and hydrated in soaring temperatures and protected from the sun’s UV rays can be a daunting task.

We got you covered with this list of great companions for your summer outings. While you can keep all these items in your stroller on-the-go until they come in handy, it is even more important to learn how to tell when your baby might be overheating. An easy tip to remember for quick temperature checks is to use the back of your hand to feel their forehead, cheeks, and touching especially the back of their neck. Check for any signs of overheating (sweating, redness, irritation or a rash, skin that is abnormally hot to the touch, etc.). If these areas feel abnormally warm to you, trust your judgement and use that as an indicator that it is time to help them cool down. 

For new parents, there’s so much to know about how to go on an outing, from choosing a stroller, a car seatlearning about stroller safety, whether or not to buy a bassinet, and more Let’s be honest, it’s a lot! We hope this tip will help you in moments when you need it the most, and that you find some (or all) of these products fitting into your lifestyle! If you’re interested in learning more, check out our other blog posts for more informative articles. 

1.) Cooling Stroller Liner

Another way to help keep your little one comfortable in their stroller during the hot months is getting a cooling liner! Easily place the liner on the stroller’s seat and pull the straps through the holes and your baby’s ride is instantly upgraded. This cooling liner cools in three ways, with a top layer that wicks away moisture, a bottom mesh layer to allow air to flow, and quilted channels to move warm air away. 

Designed to keep your baby comfortable year round, this liner has multiple slots to accommodate most stroller strap configurations. It also has a non-slip backing to keep the stroller cushion in place, so you don’t have to worry about readjusting it. This innovative stroller liner gives you peace of mind when it’s hot out because it helps regulate your baby’s body temperature and keeps things clean. It’s easy to install and remove, and is machine washable.

2.) Stroller Fan

A stroller fan might just be what you and your baby need while you’re out and about this summer. Maybe your baby or toddler gets a little cranky on walks - aren’t we all when it's scorching, sweaty and hot? It’s understandable, and a stroller fan might be exactly what you need to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Stroller fans are great because they not only help cool your little one down, but also provide you with a nice breeze while you’re pushing your baby around.

This fan by Jiffi is rechargeable, with a flexible tripod that can attach onto more than just a stroller - clip it to upright standing bikes, spin bikes, treadmills, or a table or shelf and have a simple cooling system wherever you are!

3.) Baby Sunscreen

Babies’ and toddlers’ skin are super sensitive so sunscreen is really a must-have. Remember, you shouldn’t apply sunscreen on a baby before they turn 6 months old. This is because sunscreen can cause irritation to delicate baby skin that cannot handle harsh ingredients yet. Putting sunscreen on a newborn can also interfere with their skin microbiome development, because it can prevent the skin microbiome from being able to develop in a healthy, natural way. 

However, once your baby has turned 6 months old, try to look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and up. If you can, find one that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, as these ingredients will help to prevent sunscreen from causing irritation to the eyes and skin. We suggest taking the time to find which sunscreen works best for you and your family because everyone’s skin is different. 

We like Babyganics Mineral Sunscreen because it has an SPF 50 with UVA/UVB protection, has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in it to prevent tears, and was made without parabens, phthalates, PABA, fragrance, or nanoparticles. It’s non-allergenic, water resistant, and goes on white so you don’t miss a spot, but it rubs in fast and easy. Enjoy the sun without worrying about your kids’ delicate skin!

4.) Thermos Water Bottle

A high quality water bottle is an absolute essential for summer outings, and this Wide Mouth Hydro Flask for kids will keep your water or milk cool for up to 24 hours. When playtime wraps up, the perfect refreshment is waiting on the sidelines! This water bottle will keep your milk cool while you are on the go, before you are ready to heat it up using the Jiffi Bottle Warmer and give it to your baby. Available in 12 oz or 20 oz, with an easy to clean Straw Cap and a durable perforated Flex Boot, the Wide Mouth makes it easy to add ice and take on your next adventure. It comes in a variety of fun colours, and will  last for years to come!

5.) Portable Bottle Warmer

Not all babies need or want their milk heated, but especially for breastfed babies who are used to drinking warm milk, or babies who are a little particular about how they like their bottles - a bottle warmer can be super helpful for when you’re on the go. Not having to worry about being close to a stove, sink or microwave enables you to be more flexible wherever you are. Not to mention that microwaving breast milk can cause it to lose some of its nutritional benefits, so a bottle warmer helps retain the nutritional value while keeping the milk at a steady and comfortable temperature for your baby. 

For tech-savvy parents, or parents who just appreciate functional and smart baby gear, the The Jiffi Bottle Warmer not only warms bottles, but it also dispenses formula - making it twice as useful for some parents. The warmer is charged for use and can heat bottles 3-4 times, or you can keep your baby’s bottle warm for up to 6 hours before recharging it. This bottle warmer is super easy to use - all you have to do is attach it to the top of your bottle, turn it on, and give it to your baby once it’s warm! This set comes with an attachable formula dispenser that dispenses formula one scoop at a time, making feeding time completely mess free. Keep it in your stroller when you’re out and about, and feed your baby wherever you are with eno str

See guideline on how long it is safe to drink formula once it’s prepared and breastmilk once it is out of the fridge or freezer.

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