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A great camping trip can bring you closer to the one you love, and there are few activities as romantic and intimate as a night spent under the stars.
Romantic Camping Destinations

Of course, there's a big difference between a moonlit picnic next to a tranquil stream and a state campground packed with noisy kids and partying teenagers--in order to create a truly romantic experience, you need to choose the right destination for your trip. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Yosemite Falls - Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite Park is an excellent place to watch wildlife and to enjoy some of the most wonderful natural landmarks in the United States. The centerpiece of the park is a 2,400 foot waterfall that will make a perfect romantic backdrop for your trip.

2. Sonoma Coast State Beach - Sonoma, California

Beach camping isn't for everyone, but if you and your significant other appreciate the ocean, you'll dig the excellent whale-watching opportunities afforded by this clean, well-kept campsite. Learn more about how to have a successful beach camping trip before you go. 

3. Mount Magazine State Park - Paris, Arkansas

This gorgeous park is aptly named; you could easily take magazine-quality pictures while hiking across the beautiful mountains of this Southern oasis. This is a particularly great site to take your significant other in the spring when flowers start to bloom.

4. Shawnee National Forest - Southern Illinois

This massive forest has 280,000 beautiful acres and several romantic landmarks, including the gorgeous Garden of the Gods Wilderness. It's well worth a visit for Midwestern campers.

5. Cold Springs Campground - Sequoia National Park, California

If you're near Central California, don't miss out on Sequoia National Forest. The Cold Springs campground offers an especially great way to enjoy the massive trees and elegant geological formations of this incredible attraction.

6. Mather Campground - Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Although the Grand Canyon attracts over four million visitors each year, you can enjoy the majesty of the site by traveling off the beaten path a bit. Mather Campground has some fantastic camping, and you can get some great pictures together while hiking around the Canyon.

7. Beaver Meadows Recreation Area Campground - Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania

The Allegheny Forest features tall, gorgeous plant life and fishable lakes. There are hiking trail, red pines and black cherry trees, and great amenities. It's a great place for traditional, primitive camping, and out of the way enough that you won't encounter too many other campers.

8. Oscar Scherer State Park - Venice, Florida

Floridian couples will love the abundance of activities available at this well-maintained state park. Whether you want to take a romantic canoe trip, go fishing, swim or just enjoy the scenic South Creek, this park is well worth your time.

9. Niagara Falls North - Buffalo, New York

Classic campsites are famous for a reason. Niagara Falls offers a truly breathtaking experience, and it's well worth the trip for couples of all ages. The New York campsite is arguably the best way to enjoy Niagara.

Romantic trips are all about the preparation, so make sure to plan out a few activities with your loved one before you visit any of these sites.  Call ahead and find out whether amenities are available and pack appropriately.

by Regina Wu


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