Benefits of camping with children-Panergy

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Benefits of camping with children-Panergy

1、Let your children get in touch with the outdoors and feel life

Nowadays, children growing up in the city have basically said goodbye to many species of nature. robins, butterflies, dragonflies, geckos, fireflies ...... These elves that grew up with us have now basically disappeared from the city.

Take your child outdoors, breathe in the fresh air while letting him feel life and appreciate nature! Tell him to cherish every opportunity to get close to nature. Maybe he can't feel the greatness of nature now, but when he grows up, he will be impressed by the magic!

2、Pitch your own tent and train your hands

We often neglect to train our children's intellectual abilities in order to develop hands-on skills. Let a few children together to figure out how to set up a tent, in fact, very exercise the children's hands and brain skills. Learn from playing, in order to grow up happier and healthier!

3、Say goodbye to the hand-holding party and enjoy the fun of labor

Let your children try to prepare a picnic by themselves and feel the fun of cooking. It doesn't matter how good it tastes. Because it's made with their own sweat, it's sure to be delicious! Also take the opportunity to tell them that their parents don't have fun cooking and doing chores every day, and that it's hard work.
4、Let him witness the sky full of stars

Under the shroud of haze, you can no longer see the sky full of stars in the city. The uncountable starry night, we have seen in childhood. But for the children of today, they have never seen it! Take them to witness this miraculous moment and tell him that, with the vast universe, we are not alone.

5、Chat with your child heart to heart to bridge the gap

How long has it been since you've spent time with your child? How long has it been since you've had a heart-to-heart chat with your child? When camping, sit on the grass with your child, lie down in the tent when you are tired, a period of time dedicated to you, have a good in-depth conversation with your child, so that you enter the inner world of your child, to eliminate the gap between each other.

6、Cultivate your child's ability to interact with others

Today's children. Most of them are only children, usually with other small partners and the opportunity to interact with fewer, although there will be many companions, but that are familiar with their own people. Therefore, parents can use the time when their children go outdoors to encourage them to take the initiative to interact with other small partners.

7、Cultivate children's observation ability

The younger a child is, the more curious he or she is about everything in the outside world and wants to know everything. Through their own observations, children will ask parents a variety of questions, such as the simplest: "What is this?" At this point, as parents should give a positive response in a timely manner, detailed answers to the child's questions to further stimulate the child's interest in observation.

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