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by Regina Wu
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What is a Baby Stroller Fan?

A stroller fan is simply that. It is a small, lightweight, usually battery-operated or USB fan that clips to a stroller. The main purpose of a stroller fan is to cool the child on days of extreme heat. They are designed to be mounted on any stroller and have an adjustable neck. This ensures you are able to move the fan and direct the airflow to where it needs to be.

Benefits of a Baby Stroller Fan

  • Keeps the baby cool inside the stroller, by providing air flow
  • Ensures child gets enough air when sleeping in a covered stroller
  • Ensures the child gets the benefits of being outdoors – like Vitamin D from sun exposure – while limiting the risk of overheating.
  • A stroller fan won’t prevent sunburn but it will reduce the risks of overheating and skin conditions caused by excessive sweating.
  • Stroller fans are used for multiple purposes. Not only is a stroller fan great for clipping onto a stroller, but as mentioned, the fan can be clipped to many objects like a baby carrier, backpack or computer desk.
  • It’s free entertainment. If your stroller fan has different colours, it is bound to mesmerize your toddler. Even if it doesn’t, there is something to say for a spinning magical instrument attached to the stroller that provides instant relief.

Hint to Parents: You may want to hook one to the stroller to keep cool too!

Buying Tips: What To Look For

Is the fan case durable?

Not only does the case prevent the child from grabbing the fan blades, but the case must be made of hard enough plastic to not break the first moment it falls. Because it will fall, that’s what children to do nice things.

What material are the blades?

Many manufacturers now have foam fan blades. They bend when poked by the child, thus alleviating the risk of injury.

Is it a misting fan?

Misting fans provide a fine mist of water and keep you and your baby cool. Not all baby stroller fans have a mist function.

Is it quiet or noise-free?

While a little white noise is great to help the children fall asleep, too much noise can distract them and keep them awake.

Does it clip-on and is it lightweight?

Since you will be carrying the stroller fan around with you all day, and clipping to any and all surfaces, weight, and grip are important. If you are clipping to the stroller canopy, for example, you want to make sure it is not too heavy, as to ruin the canopy itself, or its grip too loose as to fall off onto the baby.

Is it battery-operated or rechargeable?

Most stroller fans operate within one of two ways; rechargeable USB or battery. Decide which is best for your travelling needs, which is more practical for your particular travelling situation, and go from there. Don’t forget to check if you will have access to a charger when needed, or more batteries (or battery charger).

Does it have adjustable speeds?

Make sure your stroller fan has adjustable speeds, to meet the needs of the child and the environment.

by Regina Wu


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