Best Camping Fans (Keep You Cool On The Go)—Panergy

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Best Camping Fans (Keep You Cool On The Go)—Panergy

Camping in the summer is all fun and games, until you start hyperventilating in the heat. And because of that you need to get a good, portable camping fan. It will keep you cool on your adventures, and it will help you stay in a better mood.

At A Glance: Top 3 Camping Fans

There are a lot of different types of camping fans you can get. Some are able to keep an 8-person tent cool, while others are really small and intended for a small tent or personal use. And there are also fans that double as lanterns, so that you need to carry around as little gear as possible! In this review, we will check out all the different types, and help you figure out which one is the right choice for you!

This is both a camping fan and a lantern. For less than $15, which is great. It runs on two D batteries, and it features a hook that allows you to mount it in your tent’s ceiling. Additionally, it is a pretty quiet fan, with most people describing the noise it makes as a light hum. But, since it is a battery-operated fan, don’t expect the breeze to be too strong, even on the high setting.

One really good thing about this fan/lamp is that you get two separate hinges, which allow you to point the fan and light in different directions. That’s pretty useful – you might want to feel the breeze of the fan on your face, but I seriously doubt you also want the 18 pieces of LED light to shine in your eyes.

The manufacturer states that the fan is able to run about 5 hours on the high setting. However, people who actually tested out the fan say that the run time is much longer than that. In fact, most of them had the fan working for about 20 hours on the high setting, which is about 2.5-3 nights. Which is great – I always love a positive surprise.

The fan can run on both high and low-speed settings, while the LED light doesn’t have such options – you can just turn it on and off. If you want to conserve the battery life of the fan, remember to turn off the lights when you don’t need them, since they are really bright.



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