Best Fan for Camping?-ipanergy

by Zoe Lin
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Best Fan for Camping?-ipanergy

Why Do You Need a Rechargeable Camping Fan?

A rechargeable camping fan not only helps you stay cooler at night but is also good for keeping flies away when preparing meals – and helping keep mosquitoes away from ankles when sitting around camp in the evening. We’ve been through probably about seven different brands of rechargeable camping fans before finally stumbling on a pair of them that’s held up to the rougher conditions we subject them to. Now I think we’ve finally found the best fan for camping and overlanding, not at a sporting goods store but at Home Depot.

Features to Look For in a Rechargeable Camping Fan

When choosing the best kind of rechargeable camping fan for your needs it’s important to look at some features that can vary greatly from one brand of fan to another. We expect our fans to run all night, meaning they need at least 8 hours of run-time, along with blowing enough air to keep us cool, and also we like them to be rugged and rechargeable in the field.

What to Look For:

  • Battery amp-hours and advertised run-time.
  • Can be recharged in your vehicle.
  • Rugged construction.
  • CFM or cubic feet per minute of air flow.
  • Stable Base 
  • Hooks for hanging in tent.
  • Swivel Head.

by Zoe Lin


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