Best Tent Fans To Keep Cool While Summer Camping-ipanergy

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Best Tent Fans To Keep Cool While Summer Camping-ipanergy

Best Portable Fan For Camping

If you’ve ever done any camping in the warm months of summer, the chances are you’ve suffered through many a sweaty night, tossing and turning while begging the weather gods to turn the thermostat down a notch (or ten!).

Over the years, campers have taken many kooky, quirky, and desperate measures to beat the heat, carrying enough ice to put out the fires of hell, covering themselves in soaked towels, camping so close to a creek that they’re almost swimming in it, or dunking themselves in said creek at regular intervals throughout the night.

These days, however, a far simpler solution is at our disposal: the tent fan.

Tent fans are a worthy addition to the kit of any dedicated summer camper, but not all models on the market cut the mustard. To help you find the ideal camping fan for your needs, we did a little digging, a little testing, and now present you with the best tent fans out there this year.

ipanergy Operated Clip On Portable Fan

The ipanergy Battery Operated Portable Fan is a versatile rechargeable fan that can do more than simply keep you fresh. Thanks to its USB port, you can charge up small devices such as your cell phone while you relax in your tent.

This battery-operated fan is quiet to run and rechargeable. You can even use the USB connection to hook up to a computer and recharge that way.

It uses a brushless motor that offers high speeds at a low noise level. It also has a clip-on design so you can position it where you need it, and 360-degree rotation both vertically and horizontally.

The main downside to the ipanergy is battery life. Its run time when used as a fan alone is in the region of 6 hours, but this drops significantly if you’re using it to recharge other devices.


  • Highly portable and travel-friendly
  • Versatility in its placement
  • Powerful
  • High-quality brushless motor
  • 5000 mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Works with a power bank


  • Batteries don’t last very long
  • Fiddly cover for the battery compartment


by L YY


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