Camping as a hobby-ipanergy

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Camping as a hobby-ipanergy
Camping is basically an act of leaving the luxuries and amenities of modern life for a few days and spending time outside in more primitive conditions. It is a thrilling outdoor hobby for children of all ages. The bonding with nature, picturesque sceneries along with the company of ones family and friends is too captivating for any nature-lover. This hobby covers an array of abilities and skill. It can give the children a little taste of the early primitive life when men used to live in the open and had to gather his food every day.
Places to go and supplies to carry
There are myriads of exciting places where one can go to camp. You can go to some secluded mountain valley or camp at a recreational vehicle (RV) park.

Survivalist campers generally go for camping with limited supplies. On the other hand, recreational vehicle campers set off with more or less full supply including their own electricity.

Activities to do
Camping can be enjoyed in conjunction with several adventure activities such as whitewater surfing, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, trekking, swimming, and fishing.

No matter wherever you go to camp, always find time to enjoy the activities of nature. At night before sleeping take time to come out of your tent and look up to admire the star-lit sky. Perhaps one may not see so many stars in the sky again in lifetime. One can also listen to the continuing sounds of nature outside the camp as one gradually falls asleep. Early in the morning make an effort to come out of the tent and observe the wildlife grazing in the green meadow in the vicinity.

If one misses out in all these activities, s/he will just be spending days camping and missing out the enriching element of it. Camping is a very captivating experience and there is never a dull moment out in the wilderness. Nature at its full glory can be very invigorating.
by L YY


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