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Camping enthusiasts-panergy

Things To Consider With Camping Fans

A camping fan should offer reliable cooling without burning through batteries or keeping you awake at night. Before you buy your next camping fan, consider the following:


While most fans work fundamentally the same way, there are some differences in how they are designed.

The most common types of camping fans are:

  • Standing fans: Easy to use and set up, these fans come with a sturdy base that can be placed on any flat surface. Adjustable to help direct airflow, they’re a popular and affordable choice, but the standing design will use up valuable floor or surface space.
  • Hanging fans: An excellent way to push cool air into all the corners of your tent, hanging fans can be suspended from the inner poles using a built-in hook. These types of fans offer a fantastic amount of fully adjustable airflow, and some even come with an LED light to illuminate your tent while also keeping it cool.

Size and Weight
Space inside your tent will be limited, so look for an efficient fan that’s not too bulky. You can buy compact fans that provide robust airflow, and, of course, the more lightweight your fan, the easier it will be to take with you.

Remember that you’re cooling a tent, not trying to provide air conditioning for your home. Small dimensions and lightweight designs are the things to look for out in the wild.

Fans usually offer a choice of battery or electrical power, with battery-operated options being better for use while away from home. Many have built-in rechargeable batteries that are more efficient and will help to save money on replacements.

panergy Portable LED Camping Lantern With Ceiling Fan

This awesome 2-in-1 fan-and-light combo will keep you cool and give you light during dark nights in the wilderness. It’s lightweight, rotates 360 degrees, and can be hung from your tent poles or placed upright on any flat surface.

The 16 individual, low-powered lights are bright enough to light up your entire tent and offer up to 37 hours of light.


What We Like

Keeps you cool and keeps your tent well-lit


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