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by Regina Wu
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Camping Fan for All Our Tents - ipanergy

Climate control in the tent

Those who love winter camping in cold weather know that when a wood-burning stove burns, hot air rises, and cold air stays low.

As a result, it can be quite cold on the floor around chairs or cots (50F), but below the tent ceiling, it can be hot at the same time (131F). The temperature difference between upper and lower areas inside the tent can easily reach 80F or higher.

To resolve this situation and make your stay in the tent much more comfortable, we recommend using our Camping Fan.

The fan should be hung at the top of the tent to direct a stream of air downward. This powerful fan will mix hot air accumulated at the top of the tent with cold air accumulated by the floor, resulting in a uniform temperature that will make your stay in the tent much more comfortable.

Small but powerful!

This camping fan is compact but quite powerful. It has 3 speeds for any situation. The high-performance motor produces strong airflow with minimal noise. At maximum speed, it’s so quiet that it won’t even disturb a sleeping squirrel! The fan maintains air circulation in the tent and keeps you cool and comfortable.


Built-in power bank as an emergency power source

The fan has a built-in power bank with an 8000mAh capacity. No more worrying about your smartphone battery dying when you need to make a call. Charge your devices by simply plugging in the USB cable, and welcome back to civilization!


Built-in lantern

The fan stand has a built-in LED lamp. Its rounded shape provides three levels of soft, dimmable light that serve as an additional light source or nightlight.

Adjustable base - 180°

The fan's adjustable base supports a vertical 180° tilt that provides quiet and powerful airflow in any direction.

Light and portable - take anywhere

The CF8 camping fan weighs only 1.36 kg and has four protective rubber pads for safety. It’s wireless and easy to carry on any trip. It has a foldable hook at the bottom that allows you to hang the lamp anywhere in the tent or place on any flat surface such as a desk or on the ground.

3-in-1 - multifunctional camping device

Fan, lamp, and power bank

This portable fan is a perfect solution for tent camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. If you’re camping in the wilderness, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Thanks to the CF8 personal fan by RBM Outdoors, you’ll be cool and comfortable even when it’s hot and stifling.

by Regina Wu


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