Camping is a safe vacation option during the pandemic-Panergy

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Camping is a safe vacation option during the pandemic-Panergy

In South Korea, camping is the new option for those who want to vacation but still maintain a social distance. From March to May, campground visits increased by 209 percent, according to the JoongAng Daily News.

Camping options also vary. Not only from tents, but people can rent a car for camping. At the campground, a large screen will be prepared for filming and a bus.

The interest in camping is amazing. In the past year, the camping business has become less desirable. Coleman, a brand that produced camping equipment, went out of business after 14 years.

E-commerce from Ginseng country sold a whopping 85% of camping equipment in April. This number continues to grow until they run out of stock, as they always sell out.

For those who are tired of the concept of tents, they rent a car like a BMW SUV as an alternative to get the camping experience without feeling cramped.

In addition to camping equipment, the fruit and vegetable products that campers bring with them are also highly sought after. As a result, the company started producing food products suitable for these activities. For example, the Jongjun Gone brand, they released a meat product that can be easily cooked while camping.

This event was heavily promoted by Lotte World Tower. They hold events to experience camping without the difficulty of needing equipment, etc. All equipment will be prepared by the organizers.

It seems fun if the camping activity can be done easily. Are you interested in camping during the pandemic?

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