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Type of your stroller

It is important to determine the intended location for the stroller fan. It could be used for the handle, bumper bar, snack tray, canopy or canopy.

An octopus fan that has bendy legs can't be attached to a flat surface is not possible if the canopy is the only place it can be placed. Instead, clip-on fans would be the best choice because they can attach to almost any surface.

"I don’t have a cross-bar or snack tray on my stroller so the only place I could attach it to would be the handle. This wouldn’t help my children much." This clip fan was much more durable than the Octopus fan and was compatible with my stroller's design.

This clip fan has been a great choice for Molly, as it works with both her stroller and the car seat.

Clip on fans can be versatile but they don't always work well with a jogging walker. Jumps and bumps can cause the clamp to pop off the ground and move. You might consider using a tripod-leg octopus fan to grip your baby stroller while running.

The weather is dry or humid

Electric fans aren’t always best for cooling off.

A study suggests that fans can help people to cool down on hot and humid days.

But when it is hot and dry, fans tend to make you feel uncomfortable.

Relative humidity is the main factor to distinguish dry and humid conditions.

A temperature of 110℉ and relative humidity of 10% will “feel” like 90℉, with relative temperature of 70%

But why does relative humidity make such a difference in human heat stress?

To understand it, you might need to learn how we lose heat.

  • Conduction (2%)
  • Convection (10% ~ 15%)
  • Radiation (65%)
  • Evaporation (85%)

Imagine you're sipping iced tea in summer. Heat will be transferred from your body to the cup by physical contact. Conduction is the process we refer to as heat transfer, and it takes up 2%.

Convection is responsible for 10% of heat loss. The airflow will blow away the hot air when you turn on the electric fans.

Radiation accounts for 65% of heat lost. It only occurs when your body temperature exceeds the environment. You will lose heat in winter. In summer, however, the temperature of the surrounding environment is much higher than your body. This will heat you up as a roasted chicken on rack holder.

Evaporation refers to the conversion of water into vapor. The sweating process results in approximately 85% heat loss. Evaporation is a major factor in heat loss on hot days.

Evaporation is also used by other animals to keep cool. Dogs, for example, hang their tongues open to cool down in the summer. Kangaroos lick their forearms all the time. To cool their warm blood, the moisture on their skins evaporates.

Two prerequisites are required for human beings to sweat heat.

  • Drinking water helps the body to produce sweat.
  • Low humidity to fast the process of sweat evaporation.

In humid environments, sweat can't be converted into vapor efficiently. They build up on your skin.

The heat loss is impeded by sweating, as it traps heat from the skin.

It's unpleasantly hot when your shirt gets wet and your back feels clammy.

Dry weather is completely different to humid weather.

An experiment was done to determine the impact of humidity and air temperature on human thermal comfort.

First, volunteers were asked to sit in a room with 10% relative humidity. According to the findings, the acceptable temperature for volunteers is between 115 and 125.

After increasing humidity to 70%, 95 is their limit.

Air movement is important in humid areas. The process of sweat loss from the skin is facilitated by a stroller fan.

Electric fans can blow hot air into your child during the summer dry season. For dry conditions, a misting stroller fan is the best choice. This maximizes the evaporation.

Misting stroller fans should not be used in humid environments. The humidity level can be increased by adding moisture, making it more humid and muggy.

Bottom line. For the hot weather, ordinary stroller enthusiasts will be happy. Misting stroller fans are also available for dry places.

How to charge a stroller fan

Most stroller fans use rechargeable18650 lithium ion batteries. You might consider the following to prolong the life of your battery:

  • The optimum charging level for the battery is 60% to 80%. It is important to not fully charge the battery as it can cause a decrease in its capacity.
  • It shouldn't be left charging all night. It's great to be able to plug it in before you go to bed so that it is fully charged when you wake up. Overcharging your cell can cause irreparable damage.
  • Fan blades will start spinning slowly when the battery is running out of energy. This means that the fan blades of the stroller fan will start to spin slowly.
  • If you don't use the stroller fan, charge it every 3 months. The fan may not be working but the battery has a selfdischarging effect. This is not a defect in manufacturing, it happens to all batteries. The battery can be protected from all energy loss by charging it while it is not being used.
  • Before purchasing a replacement battery, make sure the battery is not dead. Some devices can only take a flat top while others require a button top.

    All the ways to use a stroller fan

    As a portable cooling device, it’s more than a baby stroller fan. There are more ways of using that you might have never been thinking of.

    • Baby’s rear car seat
    • In a tent
    • At the beach
    • At a theme park (Disney)
    • On a picnic
    • Clipped onto the baby carrier
    • At your desk
    • At the gym (treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machine, and more)

    Where to buy a stroller fan

    Have no time to wait for the shipping? Need a stroller fan to keep baby cool right away?

    This free store locator tool shows the retail shops near you. You can check the store contact info and hours before driving all the way there.

    Prefer to buy online which provides more design options? The below table can help you access your favorite online shopping platforms quickly.

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