Cool Desk Fans You Need for an Easy-breezy Work Day - ipanergy

by Regina Wu
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Cool Desk Fans You Need for an Easy-breezy Work Day - ipanergy

When summer hits, things can get a little sticky. We’re not talking about your hands after eating a juicy piece of watermelon, either: We’re talking about your back, neck and legs while putting in long hours at the office. To stay cool at work, you need a desk fan.

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These small fans for office desks move air around, creating nice white noise for maximum productivity, all while keeping you cool and alert. We’re not alone in our love, either: Thousands of people have rated and reviewed their favorite desk fans on sites like Amazon, all in service of helping buyers discern which fan companies’ claims aren’t just a bunch of hot air.

1. Gaiatop USB Desk Fan

The Gaiatop desk fan is a traditional classic that is sure not to disturb you while you work.

Gaiatop’s desk fan is small, quiet, and adjustable. You can choose from three different wind speeds and the fan is USB-powered. You can also take it in the car if you’re working on the go, or even plop it down on the table if you’re using your laptop at a coffee shop. Don’t worry about your woodwork, either: The fan’s base has two rubber pads to reduce noise and vibration, as well as to prevent scratches on your table or desk.

2. Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan

This small, but mighty wonder circulates to meet you where you're at.

Vornado fans have are a "fan favorite" among reviewers for the fresh design, adjustable heads and colorful presence. The fans feature multi-directional airflow, manual swivel base and a high-gloss finish that's ultra-slick. If you don’t want your fan out in the world all the time, you can always flip it out of sight, leaving just a cool looking mystery machine perched on your desk. Flippi is backed by a three-year hassle-free warranty. 

3. Sharper Image SBS1-SI Small Personal USB Fan 

If modern simplicity is your thing, you'll love this option.

This mid-century modern option offers all the perks and convenience of a USB desk fan, while also looking nice. The safe, soft touch blades are made of foam and the fan’s blend of white and wood surfaces gives it a touch of class. It’s got two-speed touch control, comes with an A/C converter and has non-marring slip-resistant feet that keep your desk looking stock. It comes in two sizes: small (5.5-inches tall) and medium (8-inches tall).

4. WiHoo Mini Handheld Fan

The WiHoo Mini Handheld fan can fit just about anywhere.

Workspace lacking desk space—or maybe even a desk, altogether? WiHoo’s flexible tripod fan could be for you. This small fan is set atop three flexible metal and silicon legs that can be bent to any angle you want. Just twist and turn them, wrap them around a bar, or lean the fan up against a corner and you’re good to go. 

This USB-powered fan would be great for warehouses, standing spaces, non-traditional offices, or anywhere that needs a little air circulation. Many parents like to hook it on strollers, too!


by Regina Wu


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