Create the Perfect Camp Vibe with These 5 Essentials - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Create the Perfect Camp Vibe with These 5 Essentials - Panergy


Lots of Space in the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

The Copper Canyon series of tents has room for the whole gang (and furry friends too!). A great option for families, the Copper Canyon line has sizes to accommodate any family size, from four to 12 family members. These spacious, sturdy tents enable the whole gang to hang out, sleep in, and stretch out. Available in single room, double room, or sleeping area plus screen room models, the Copper Canyon can handle any spring camping adventure. Near vertical walls make it great for using cots to maximize interior space inside the tent. Get ready for all the space.


Friends camping and relaxing in a Eureka! Camp Chair

Camp furniture shouldn't be overlooked as you plan your next spring family outing. Affordable camp furniture can be found and should be an essential as you gather your gear for the next trip. Eureka! makes it easy to enjoy mealtime with our ultra-comfy Camp Chair and Camp Kitchen. Comfy and casual, Eureka's Camp Chair is the perfect campfire companion. Designed for all day comfort, kick back in the sling-style chair while reading, shooting the breeze, or telling spooky stories around the campfire.

Then, take your camp cooking to new heights with the Camp Kitchen, a handy, multipurpose outdoor cooking station. A large working area stands at a safe and convenient height for meal prep with room for all of your food and cooking accessories. 


Friends making a camp meal on the Eureka! SPRK+ Stove

Because we’re in the game of making happy campers, that means we make sure to take care of all those hangry campers out there. The Eureka SPRK+ Stove allows all campers to bring the power of the kitchen to their campsite so you can start stuffing your face with the goods. This small, portable, and totally powerful stove offers campers a compact, all-in-one design that makes it ready to go wherever you go. With room to fit up to 11'' pot or pans and an integrated fuel compartment that fits 8 oz butane canisters, It’ll be your next favorite camping companion (which might be a little bit of an upgrade from your weird cousin Gary). 


Don't forget the coffee with a Eureka! Camp Café

No camping trip is complete…or even really started without coffee. And Eureka’s Camp Café is the perfect way to quickly wake up the whole crew. Nesting together for easy transport and storage, the Camp Cafe brews quality coffee quick and cleans up in a snap. Because we’re all not totally there before that first cup of coffee, we’ve designed the Camp Café to help you get to your coffee even faster with Eureka!'s patented Flux Ring technology; boiling water twice as fast as a standard kettle. The pour-over filter holder and 12-cup (60-ounce) coffee carafe make this the total perk-up package. Get ready for the perfect cup of coffee at the campsite.

by Regina Wu


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