Crescent Beach Vancouver neighborhood attractions-Panergy

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Crescent Beach Vancouver neighborhood attractions-Panergy

Crescent Beach is located in South Surrey in the Greater Vancouver area and it is a popular attraction around Vancouver.The history of Crescent Beach dates back to 1909, when the development of the Great Northern Railway opened the beach to the public for the first time.In 1912, the area was upgraded to a resort with a stylish hotel, marina and train station. A year later, dikes were built to prevent flooding and provide for the development of the surrounding area. Today, the dikes are used as waterfront access, and while the hotel and train station are long gone, the beach remains a popular destination for family summer outings.

Parties & Picnics

There are large lawns and picnic tables and chairs at both Sullivan Point and Blackie Spit for picnics, parties, barbecues, kite flying and more.

Walking & Viewing
The aforementioned Blackie Spit Park is surrounded by a 5-kilometer walking path where one can stroll and enjoy the seaside view at the same time. Crescent Beach is also a popular beach for sunset viewing, with spectacular sunsets available all year round when the weather is right.

Water Play & Sandcastle Building & Beach Volleyball
Crescent Beach has distinct tides and at low tide, the water is relatively shallow for swimming and water play. In summer, Sullivan Point is manned by lifeguards from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, and it is important to note that you should apply plenty of oil-based waterproof sunscreen before entering the water. This is to avoid the risk of being stung by duck and goose mites. Immediately after swimming, please dry your body thoroughly. The beach is also a great place to build sand castles, so don't forget to bring a shovel and a bucket if you have children, who will have a great time. A game of beach volleyball with friends on the beach is also a great option.

The Crescent Beach beach trail offers a great view of the snow-capped mountains around Vancouver.



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