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Difference Between Table Fans VS Rechargeable Fans-ipanergy.com
Table Fans vs Rechargeable Fans

In a country like ours, we are always looking for ways to beat the heat. One of the most important technological advancements ever is the fan. A fan speaks for miles when it comes to cooling off. However, with the many choices and varieties available to us, it is hard to pick the right fan. The table fan took the world by storm when it came out. It enabled portability, ensuring you will always have a cool breeze as long as there is a power socket. This evolved with remote controls, a revolving feature and nowadays, even has a touch screen dial pad.

Just when nobody thought this could get any better, the world was introduced to rechargeable portable fans. With all the advantages of a table fan, these rechargeable battery operated fans also have the advantage of seamless functioning even in the absence of a power supply! In the case of a power cut, the battery takes over, making sure none of us drown in our own sweat! These fans are more compact in nature and can now be used anywhere, from a garden, to a car. In this article, let us take a more In depth look at both these products!

Table Fan: What A Fresh Breeze Is All About

Joining ceiling fans as a more traditional option, table fans have been around for as long as we can remember. These fans are designed to be portable. Their portability makes table fans an enticing option. They, however, are corded and require a power socket to function. The blades of a table can spin rapidly, providing a soothing cooling effect to a shorter range. On another note, the rapid movement captures our attention and has a cathartic effect as well. The recent range of table fans comes with remote controls to further enhance the accessibility.

The Advantages That Come With A Table Fan

A table fan has a revolve option, which is more effective than a ceiling fan. Once the revolve option is turned on, the whole room can enjoy the benefits of a table fan for a short range.

Table fans are far more affordable. A high-end table fan is more affordable than an average ceiling fan. This makes table fans all the more alluring. They are also Eco Friendly, not adding further damage to the earth’s atmosphere. They do their part in reducing global warming.

Let’s Keep An Eye Out For The Cons As Well

While the pros outweigh the cons, there are a few disadvantages to know about.

The range of a small table fan is not as much as a ceiling fan. While it may be more efficient, this only persists through a shorter range. A person sitting a few feet away may not be able to relish the cool breeze.

Being in closer range, table fans may be hazardous in the reach of children. They may get tempted to touch the blade, which could result in a grave injury. An eye must be kept on small kids at all times in the presence of a table fan.

The cord in itself could be dangerous if left unattended. With a ceiling fan, all these problems can be easily avoided. However, one must keep an eye on the cord as it could end up tripping your legs.

Rechargeable Fans: A Refreshing Breeze On-The-Go

In this day and age, everything has become on the move. When all of us are always moving from one place to another, what is the point of a stationary fan? This paved the way for portable charging fans. Taking the advantages a table fan offers and contributing its own attributes, rechargeable fans are the best appliance to invest in. This is one of the most innovative and essential inventions ever. These fans can run on both a direct power supply as well as a rechargeable battery. The battery automatically takes over in the absence of a direct power supply. Technology has come so far along that we have rechargeable options for both ceiling and small table fans. Contributing to this great line of innovation, our range of geek aire rechargeable mini fans are the best of the line. The mini table fans price ranges from a lower to a mid range. Some fans take this one step further, like the Geek Aire Rechargeable fan, which comes with a misting option!

Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A Rechargeable Fan

While in most cases bigger may seem better, it is a safer bet to buy a high speed mini table fan. With a battery being incorporated into the structure, these wireless portable rechargeable table fans may get clunky and harder to move around.

Rechargeable hand fans serve many purposes. While it can be connected to a power source and used at home, it can also be used outdoors, or even in cars. Speaking on connection, it is safe to call rechargeable fans “Smart WiFi” with its ability to connect to the WiFi!

Rechargeable Fans Come With Added Perks!

These mini fans come all prepared to just plug in and use! There is no set-up required at all. Even the battery takes over automatically, in the absence of a power supply.

These cordless table fans can be easily moved to any place you desire. With the battery kicking in, the best outdoor fans are portable in nature, making it much sought after. While using these fans outdoors, as an added bonus, our line, geek aire rechargeable fans come with an inbuilt bluetooth speaker to use in your gardens!

As Amazing As Rechargeable Fans Sound, There Are Certain Things To Be Remembered

There are not many disadvantages when it comes to a portable rechargeable table fan. One of the most important disadvantages to remember is the fact that it runs on battery. Most users pick these battery operated fans for camping, backup can only last for a certain while. Post which, even the best rechargeable table fan is rendered ineffective, in the absence of a power supply.

The battery inside the device can deteriorate over time, thus damaging the small bladeless table fan. The chances of this happening is not much, however there is a possibility.

Wrapping Up

There is no limit to the technological advancements we are capable of. At one glance, a hand free fan and an outdoor portable cooling fan may seem similar. This is quite factual to a certain extent. A portable mini table fan enhances the portability of a table fan. A high powered outdoor fan works flawlessly for a limited period of time even without power, and can be used anywhere. There are certain specifications to note while deciding to invest in a mini portable rechargeable fan. Some battery powered outdoor fans even have medical advantages, where the airflow can be controlled to fit your medical condition! If you would like to buy an outdoor fan that meets all your requirements and functions flawlessly, we have just the thing! Please click here to check Geek Aire Portable Fans.

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