Different Types of Fans and Their Uses for Home---ipanergy.com

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Different Types of Fans and Their Uses for Home---ipanergy.com
Different Types of Fans

‘Home, Sweet home’ easy to say but difficult to maintain one. Yes, a house needs to be filled with people, needs to have a lot of love, fun and happiness to make it sweet but so does it need all essential items. Apart from the innumerable items that lie totally unused in our homes, there are certain things that are totally necessary for a proper living. One such product is the Fan. Every house does have fan and they do have different sizes and types but here is a list of different types of fans that can be used for your homes. Check them to know what you have, what you have missed and what you would like to have to match your comfort and needs.

Different Types of Fans and Best Fans for Home

Rechargeable Mini Fans

What could be better than having stylish, colourful, portable mini fans that are best-selling in the market? Mini fans are designed for easy portability, are lightweight, can run for about 8 – 9 hours and are best for personal use anywhere, anytime. Rechargeable mini fans do give you the required air flow equal to the other table or desk fans. They are best for effective and convenient use.

Ceiling Fan

Mounted on top of the ceiling, this type of fan is the most commonly used one. The ceiling fans come in different sizes and colors. Though they come with three, four and five blade designs, the three blade design fans are widely preferred. Since they have become an essential product to be fixed in a home, their designs have become a priority. The fan blades are designed in different ways to match the interiors of a house and some even do have an integrated light kit. The only thing to be noted is that the size of the ceiling fan needs to be chosen according to the size of your room for effective air flow.

Pedestal/ Standing Fan

They are fans that oscillate while mounted on a stand that has adjustable features. They have high speed settings, adjustable height features and are require less maintenance. Pedestal fans are right for larger rooms that need good air circulation. The standing fans can also be moved from a room to another and be placed in a corner for the air flow to be circulated in all directions of the room.

Table Fan

These are perfect for air flow in a small space. Table fans are small; have a flat surface making it perfect to rest on a table or desk. They are easy to move, can be placed anywhere you want and be used according to your need. Be it your work desk, kitchen space or near your sofa, if you would like to limit the air flow to just yourself then table fans are the right options.

Wall Mount Fan

They are a modification of the table fans. They are small, mounted on the wall and best suits closed rooms and limited spaces. They reduce the floor or table space that a table fan or a pedestal fan takes but does give you the same air flow and comes with oscillating features.

Exhaust Fan

As much as it is required to have air flow inside the house, it is also significant that proper ventilation is maintained. To draw out air from the inside and let it out, an exhaust fan is all that you need. Primarily used in bathrooms and kitchen, the exhaust fans help get rid of the bad odours and moisture from your bathrooms while they help remove smoke emissions during cooking and increase better air flow. Exhaust fans at home are quiet necessary to avoid health risks and also to maintain a clean indoor environment.

Window Fan

They are designed to be mounted on a window frame. While ceiling fans continue to swirl with the air available inside a room, window fans help you to remove hot, unclean air from inside and draw in fresh, cool, outside air into your room. This continuous circulation of outside air is also good for your body and health. The attest models come with variable speed setting, remote controls and other additional features.

Misting Fan

Misting fans are effective, portable fans that circulate cooling air and best for summers. All you have to do is fill water in the tank attached to the fan and the misting nozzles spray extremely tiny droplets of water that when evaporates quickly that lets you experience the cool air around you. If you are looking out for ways to reduce the humidity in your room, if you are looking out for an alternative to air-conditioners to keep your room moderately cool then go for the misty fans.

Bladeless Fan

If you are trying to find out a stylish looking appliance, if you are bored of using the same model fans are would like to redecorate your house with something new, then go for the small bladeless fans. With no visible blades, less consumption of electricity and appealing to look at features, the bladeless fans are an option to go for. They are portable, has swing mode, timer functions and will definitely be the best when it comes to your personal use. And they work best when paired with an air conditioner.

Tower Fan

Tall, slim and stylish and that is the tower fan. Tower fans are uniquely designed are more like the bladeless fans as they have no blades visible and works best when paired with an air conditioner. They are lightweight, portable, includes adjustable features for speed and oscillation and they produced very less noise when compared to other fans with visible blades. And since the blades are designed to be placed below, the product is highly safe to use even with kid around.


Writing about the different types of fans and their uses is not very difficult but making a reader choose the right appliance for their comfortable use is what is pretty important and is a little tricky. All types of fans mentioned above might be well known to you since they are pretty commonly used in all homes. Yet, the rechargeable mini fans are the new trend setting product available in the market.

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