Does the 2022 neck fan really work well?-ipanergy

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Does the 2022 neck fan really work well?-ipanergy

In the hot summer, fans are essential, and hand-held fans are loved by many friends when they appear, and the feature of being portable makes them available anywhere, but the process of using hand-held fans is troublesome and less effective, and more and more friends prefer to carry more convenient and more effective hanging fans.

A. What is a hanging fan?
As the name implies, hanging neck fan refers to the fan hanging on the neck.

Compared to handheld fans or small fans on the table, neck fans can really free our hands.

Hanging neck fan has multi-hole wind, soft wind, low noise, high wind power, high value, especially for outdoor use.

Classification of hanging neck fans
The common neck fans on the market are mainly divided into three categories: ring type without fan blades, turbo type on both sides and large fan blades on both sides.

In addition to the difference in appearance, these three types of neck fans also have obvious differences in the wind effect.


2 Dual turbine air outlet type on both sides


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