Goblin Valley State Park: The Complete Guide-Panergy

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Goblin Valley State Park: The Complete Guide-Panergy

Where Is Goblin Valley State Park?
The park is located 50 miles southwest of Green River off State Highway 24.
From Salt Lake City, it’s about 3.5 hours to Goblin Valley.

Entrance Fees And Hours
The park is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. year-round.

Note: Due to limited parking in the park and extremely high levels of visitation, there may be delays of several hours to enter the park on weekends from March through June.

The visitor center and gift shop will also be closed most weekends.

Day-use fees (valid for two days):

$20 private vehicle

$10 Utah seniors 62 and older

$10 motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian

$4 per-person commercial vehicle fee

For Utah residents, an annual Utah state park pass is $100. That’s what I have, and it works for every state park in Utah for an entire year!

Best Time Of Year To Visit
Goblin Valley sees weather extremes.

In the Summer, temperatures can reach over 100°F.

Since humidity is low, the evenings cool off quickly when the sun goes down. There’s minimal shade, and hiking through the desert in that sort of heat can be difficult.

In late summer, there’s an increase in thunderstorms in the afternoon. The thunderstorms bring lightning strikes and flash flood potential to nearby canyons.

In the Winter, night temperatures drop below freezing and the valley does see occasional snow.

I think Spring and Fall, are the best times to visit Goblin Valley. The days are often sunny and warm while the nights are cool and the sky is clear.

That being said, abrupt changes in weather do occur.

It’s possible to experience strong winds, rain, and even hail during the Spring and Fall.

Also worth noting - the cacti are in bloom from April through June. If you go during these months you can see beautiful pink, yellow, and red flowers on the cacti!

Summer essential equipment:

Camping fan recommendation:https://ipanergy.com/



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