Great Camping Gera for Kids - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Great Camping Gera for Kids - Panergy

Going camping with the kids this summer and trying to find kid-friendly gear to bring along? Not all adult-sized products are made to fit little hands and bodies and finding the right gear for your little ones can mean all the difference when it comes to outside adventure and fun.
Great Camping Gear for Kids
My kids? favorite camping accessory has always been the flashlight/lantern. As toddlers they loved having their very own light to be in charge of on our camping trips. Today, nearing the tween years, they still seem to argue about which light they get to take.Today's flashlights and lanterns are much more kid friendly than when I was young and the choices are vast when it comes to selecting the best option for your kids. Eureka! has two great options that have quickly become favorites in my house, the Glide 115 LED flashlight and the Magic 125 LED lantern. The Glide is easy and fun to use for kids and the Magic 125 can convert from a small-sized lantern to a flashlight with a quick twist. Both are LEDs so they are safe for little ones.

Backpacks and kids backpack carriers are essential for families who hike or camp regularly. Introducing your child to the outdoors can really begin as soon as you are ready. With the right gear in hand, your experience can be even more rewarding when additional family members are included. With new and improved backpack carriers, parents who want to enjoy outdoor hikes can easily bring the little ones along! This Consumer Reports buying guide is a great tool for parents who are looking for their first carrier for children around six months:

When your kids get a little older, having them carry their own gear can not only be a great relief for your back, but also be a great way to teach them about the importance of packing the right gear for your outdoor adventure. Size and fit are top considerations for finding the right pack for your child. Here is a link that might help you select the right pack for your child.

What kid doesn't love their very own water bottle? From toddlers to teens, they all want one that says a little something about their personality -- maybe it's a cool color or shape, names their favorite sports team or represents their favorite activity. Whatever the choice, kids love the selection and the ability to choose. My choice as a parent is about safety and function and for water bottles it's about identifying those that are BPA free for my kids. This site names the top five BPA free reusable water bottles for kids. This might be a great place for you to start! 

Planning for your trip with the right gear and getting the kids involved in selecting some of their items will begin to introduce them to the outdoors in a fun and exciting way. I hope you find many ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer with your kids!

by Regina Wu


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