Hammock Camping in Winter-Panergy

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Hammock Camping in Winter-Panergy

Why Go Hammock Camping in Winter?

Honestly, you might even be asking yourself – why go winter camping at all?

Despite the cold temperatures and chance of snow, camping in the winter can be immensely rewarding. Not only are you likely to have the entire campground to yourself, but the hush of winter throughout the forest is truly special. You’re in for a real treat if you wake up to a fresh blanket of snow.

How to Set Up Your Hammock in Winter

It’s just as important to know how to correctly set up camp as it is to buy the right gear when hammock camping in winter. Here’s how:

Choose the Right Spot

Look for a campsite near two trees or other anchor points. In winter, a location with a natural wind barrier such as next to a large boulder or in a dense forest is a must. Avoid areas where cold pools at night, such as in basins and other areas that are lower than the rest of the surrounding land. Always check overhead to make sure there are no dangerous widow makers in the trees above.

Set Up Your Hammock

Set up your hammock first by securely attaching it to two trees roughly 10 feet apart with your hammock tree straps. Your hammock should sag to about 18 inches off the ground with you inside for the best hammock hang angle for comfortable sleep. Next, put your sleeping pad and sleeping bag inside the hammock before setting up your rainfly or hammock tarp.

Get Inside

Don’t get inside your hammock for the night before taking care of all your business. You won’t want to get outside of its comforting warmth in the middle of the night. Tend your campfire, go to the bathroom, and take off any wet clothes before getting inside. I like to hang my backpack and wet gear from either my rainfly ridge line or from a carabiner on my hammock straps (making sure they are well under the rainfly’s protective coverage) to keep them dry at night.

Final Thoughts

Winter hammock camping is an unforgettable experience if you come prepared.

Invest in the correct hammock camping gear, make sure you have quality winter clothing, and take special care to select a well-sheltered campsite for the best results. For beginners, I recommend bringing a tent along just in case – winter hammock camping isn’t for everyone and you don’t want to be stuck in an uncomfortable situation if you realize you’re one of these people!

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