How camping can benefit the whole family-panergy

by L YY
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How camping can benefit the whole family-panergy
  1. Explore explore explore!  Whether you’re at the beach or in the bush, there is always somewhere new to explore. You could spend your days bushwalking, four wheel driving, collecting shells on the beach/interesting rocks in the bush, swimming, snorkeling and fishing.
  2. Play board and other games. A great option for down time with the whole family, or when the kids have gone to bed.
  3. Slow down and talk to your children, you don’t need to be busy and doing activities the entire time. The conversations you have around camp may seem meaningless to you at the time, but may be important and helpful to your children.
  4. Go spot lighting at night. Grab a torch, go for a wander away from the lit up campgrounds and try to spot owls in trees, shrimp and fish in waterways and other wildlife out and about.
  5. Light and maintain a campfire. Using a basic flint and steel, which takes a lot longer and more mindfulness and patience to create a fire is a fantastic experience for every members of the family and creates more appreciation for the fire you do get going.
  6. Take on projects and create meaningful items. Making a simple bow out of a bendy stick and some fishing line then finding good sticks to use as arrows, use leaves and vines to make crowns and accessories, build a fish trap using a bucket or used plastic bottles.. There are so many options for keeping the whole family entertained.
  7. Climb trees. You and the kids can go climbing and get a different perspective on your surrounds as well as creating a special bond because kids absolutely love it when an adult climbs trees with them!
  8. Learn about the local flora and fauna. Before you head out, print some info or grab a book on the local wildlife so when you’re exploring you can spot animals and plants and know what they are.
  9. Enjoy some downtime yourself and let the kids play with the other kids. By encouraging the kids to go and meet other kids you get some time to yourself which is always important, and they’ll be improving their social and play skills which is just as important.
  10. Campfire cooking. From toasting marshmallows to camp oven cooked meat and veg, nothing beats campfire cooked foods!
by L YY


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