How long can a portable outdoor fan last?--ipanergy

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How long can a portable outdoor fan last?--ipanergy

If you're considering purchasing a portable outdoor fan for your patio, one of your biggest concerns may be the longevity of the fan.

Unfortunately, it's hard to know exactly how long the fan will last. Here are some challenges to determine how long your followers can last, and what factors may affect the longevity of your followers.

Not all fans are designed to last
One of the important factors affecting the lifespan of portable outdoor fans is their design lifespan. Some fans are designed to be relatively long-lasting, while others are designed for short-term use and are fairly disposable.

Durable fans are designed to last 50 years or more with regular maintenance. Inexpensive disposable fans are unlikely to last more than three years with normal use. Most mid-range fans are designed to last 6-10 years.

How to Judge the Design Life of Your Fan
So how do you tell if your fan is designed for extended use or single use? One of the easiest ways to tell is to check the lifetime warranty. A lifetime doesn't refer to your lifetime; it refers to the life expectancy of the fan. Most lifetime warranty statements will include a statement of the expected useful life of the product.

No lifetime warranty or can't find a lifetime statement? You can contact the manufacturer for that information, but don't expect world-class customer service. Instead, it's best to consider the fan's design features, which relate to its expected lifespan.

The best indicator of lasting fans is how it's put together. Fans designed for long life will have screws and bolts so you can disassemble the machine for maintenance and replacement parts. Disposable fans will be held together by rivets, plastic snaps, glue and/or plastic welds.

Also, find the maintenance schedule in the description. Long-term maintenance programs are available for machines that are built to last. Little or no maintenance indicates that the fan is expected to last until it breaks and then is thrown away.

A replacement parts list is another good indicator of the durability of the fan design.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Portable Outdoor Fans
Although the lifespan of an outdoor portable fan may be extended or shortened, there are a few things you can do to affect the lifespan of the fan.

Is this really an outdoor fan?
Portable Fans If you buy a fan designed for indoor use, it can be dangerous to use it outdoors. It can cause electric shock and fire hazard. It will also shorten the life of the fan. Even if the fan hasn't suffered traumatic damage from water or a drop, it could be clogged with debris or plastic parts degraded by sunlight.

Do you perform regular maintenance?
Another key to a fan's lifespan is whether you follow the recommended fan maintenance schedule. If the manufacturer recommends certain procedures, you should follow them to ensure your fan lasts as long as it should.

Relocation and Adjustment
Portable outdoor fans are said to be designed to be relocated on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they're not always well-designed for this. Lifting and moving the fan can damage the stand, while adjusting the height or angle of the fan can wear out adjustment mechanisms such as screws and clasps.

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