How much do you know about the camping culture that Germans love?-Panergy

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How much do you know about the camping culture that Germans love?-Panergy

Germans, who love vacation and nature, not only stay in hotels and hostels, but also choose to camp when they travel. Compared to most of the hotels in the city, camping has a more "heaven and earth as a building" kind of freedom.

How to travel frugally? Classic tent camping is a great option! Usually you just need to bring your gear and drive to a so-called "campingplatz". These campsites are usually run by people, and for a small fee you can use the communal facilities such as bathrooms.

Camping is especially suitable for families with children, so you can bring them to learn about the flowers and animals in nature, experience the fun of picnics, and look up at the sky at night and count the stars.

Some of the larger camps have pools, playgrounds and open-air theaters, and even offer catering services. It is worth noting that, in general, German law does not allow people to camp in the wild in order to protect the environment and water.
The exception to this rule is campervans. To ensure that you have enough energy and focus to drive, it is not a problem to park overnight and sleep for 10 hours, as long as you are in an area where you can legally park.

In Germany, some families who love road trips rent or even buy one of these camper vans and take the family out on vacation. For the comfort conscious, campervans are "small but complete", and they are certainly allowed in most campgrounds.

One of the most impressive camper vans is the Volkswagen Camper Van, a unique and brightly colored model that makes people think of vacations. Although it has been out of production for many years, it is still a favorite of some vintage car collectors.

In recent years, the so-called "luxury / luxury camping" (Glamping) has become popular, staying in an environment comparable to a five-star hotel, with a comfortable four-poster bed, pool spa and all-day dining restaurant serving a variety of cuisine. The rooms are not limited to tents, such as log cabins, tree houses and even barrel-shaped huts, etc., which can be put on the social media net photos with a snapshot.

There is also "Öko-Camping", as the name implies, which means camping with the least possible harm to the environment and ecology. Some campgrounds are increasingly supporting eco-camping by using renewable energy, providing biodegradable or recyclable materials, offering organic ingredients or other products, and reducing light damage at night to avoid disturbing wildlife, among other things.

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