How to choose a good place to pitch your tent-Panergy

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How to choose a good place to pitch your tent-Panergy

The four basic principles of camping site selection are.

Water recharge, level campsite, wind and shade, away from danger

The four basic areas of camping are

Camping area for tents, dining area for fire, water area for water, sanitation area

Choose a good camp site

Leveling the site: Clean the chosen tent area, remove stones, low bushes and anything else that is uneven, thorny or sharp, and fill in any uneven areas with earth or grass.

Site zoning: A fully equipped camp should be divided into tent camping areas, fire areas, dining areas, recreation areas, water areas (washing), sanitation areas and other areas.

Camping area: The fire area should be downwind and more than 10-15 metres from the tent area to prevent sparks from burning through the tent.

Dining area: should be close to the fire area for cooking and dining.

Recreation area: should be downwind of the dining area to prevent dust from activity from contaminating crockery etc. and should be 15 to 20 metres from the tent area to reduce the impact on fellow early sleepers.

Sanitation area: should be downwind of the camping area and at a distance from the dining and activity areas.

Water area: should be on the stream and its rivers in two separate sections, the upper section for drinking water for consumption and the lower section for domestic water.

The tents should be laid out with the following in mind.

1. All tents should be oriented in one direction, i.e. the tent doors should all open in one direction and be arranged side by side.

2. Tents should be spaced at least 1 metre apart and, if not necessary, the tents should not be tied with wind-resistant ropes to avoid tripping over people.
3、When necessary, a cordon should be set up. A circle can be drawn around the tent area with lime, tar and other irritating substances outside the tent area, which can prevent the intrusion of snakes and other reptiles. Or use electronic alarm systems and other methods.

▶ Tips for setting up a tent

1. Deciding on a location
After considering the wind direction and the terrain, choose a flat place.

2. Checking tent gear

Empty out the supplies collected in the bag and check each part one by one. For the convenience of withdrawing the tent and not missing anything, it should be recorded first.

3、Paving the ground mat

After laying the ground mat, fix the four corners with pegs. If there is a lot of moisture, lay the mat on top of the mat first.

4、Put up the pillar and pull the main rope

Put the bottom of the pillars through the holes at the ends of the ground mats, and at the same time, put the tips of the upper pillars through the holes of the two pillars of the curtain building, and pull up the left and right main ropes to avoid tilting from side to side. In this way, the main shape of the tent is formed.

5、Adjust the main rope, pull up the corner rope, waist rope

Adjust the shape of the tent by using the strut ropes attached to the main ropes, so that the two pillars stand vertically on the ground. Next, adjust the corner ropes and waist ropes with the spur ropes to give the tent its shape.

6、Fix the walls

Connect the tent base fabric, the floor mat and the lower part of the wall.

Summer essential equipment:

Camping fan recommendation:



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