How to cool down the room without Air Condition? Panergy

by Regina Wu
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How to cool down the room without Air Condition? Panergy

The summer temperature is approaching forty degrees. Such high temperatures, most people are reluctant to go out in the air conditioning room. But now there are people room is no air conditioning, so how to make the room cool down?

No air conditioning in the summer how to make the room cool down ice cooling method

Even if there is no air conditioning, but in people's daily lives, the family generally still has a refrigerator. You can freeze some ice in the refrigerator, and then put the ice in a basin, put it by the window or on the ground, because the air is very hot, the ice will easily melt, we all know that the process of melting ice needs to absorb heat, so that the room becomes cooler, so as to achieve the effect of cooling.

Hanging wet curtains method

Take down the curtains at home, wash them with water, do not need to dry, and do not have to wring out the water completely, hang them directly. When the wind outside the window blows in, after the curtains on the water cooling, it will become a cooler wind. At the same time, you can also drag the floor, the floor wet water in the evaporation, water vapor can take away part of the heat in the air, plus the wind blowing through the wet curtains, the indoor temperature can reach a very comfortable and cool degree.

Use the fan

In front of the fan, you can place ice, or two bottles of frozen water, so that in the process of melting ice, the fan can fan out the cold air melted ice, so that the fan out of the wind will be cool. In fact, in the evening or night, the outdoor temperature will be lower than the indoor, so you can blow the fan against the window, which can well blow out the hot indoor air and let the low-temperature air circulation in, so as to achieve the effect of cooling.

by Regina Wu


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