How to prepare for a successful camping trip?-Panergy

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How to prepare for a successful camping trip?-Panergy

A prepared camping trip is "enjoyable", an unprepared camping trip is "unpleasant".

Camping is a wonderfully fun outdoor activity. You can bring your equipment and find a quiet place in the mountains to camp and enjoy the peaceful pleasures of nature.

Camping is great, but it's great when you're well prepared. If camping is a failure, your experience will be greatly diminished and you may come back betting that you will never go back.

Pre-trip preparation, 15% success
If a successful camping trip is 100%, being well prepared before you leave is 15% of the way to success.

Companions:Camping is best done in a group so that you can increase your success rate. The mountain friends group are hidden dragons and crouching tigers, so make more appointments in the WeChat group and you might find a five-star chef, so you don't have to worry about what to eat.

Time: There are always a few days a month when you want to camp, and camping doesn't take up a lot of time.

Route: Choose a well established and common route before camping, don't decide on the map by yourself, otherwise you will easily get lost.

Weather: Outdoor weather can change a lot, and it varies from mile to mile. We should watch the weather forecast before we go camping and cancel the activity in time if the weather is bad.

Correct dress:30% successM Correct dress, that is, wearing outdoor special clothing footwear, can make the camping success index to 30%.

Underwear:Underwear is used to wick sweat, wearing the wrong underwear will make your whole body wet, so choose special outdoor wicking underwear, it can effectively conduct body sweat out and keep dry.

Most of the daily intimate clothing is pure cotton, cotton clothing will absorb moisture and take away body heat when evaporating. Once a lot of sweat, in the outdoors is easy to cause a cold and fever, or even loss of temperature

Warm clothing: the temperature difference in the mountains, even if the city temperature is high, the temperature in the mountains may also make you feel cold, bring more clothes is a wise choice, otherwise you will be "warm basic by shaking".

Outerwear: Outerwear is the clothing to withstand the wind and rain, without it you will shiver in the wind and rain. Outdoor outerwear includes soft shells and hard shells, which can meet the requirements of warmth, windproof and waterproof in the mountains.

Raincoat:Raincoat is the backup rainproof clothing, without it, you will be drenched in the mountains.
Even if it's sunny when you set out, it can still rain in the mountains. You can put a raincoat in your bag just in case. Because raincoats are not permeable to moisture, they can also play a role in keeping you warm in the wind and rain.

Hiking shoes and socks:Hiking-specific shoes and socks are made for the mountain ground. Professional hiking shoes and socks can protect your feet and prevent blisters. If you wear daily sneakers and cotton socks, you will have blisters all over your feet in the wilderness in a short time.

Summer essential equipment:

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