How to stay cool in summer camping-Panergy

by Regina Wu
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How to stay cool in summer camping-Panergy

1. Choose a tent with more mesh, remove the canopy and keep the tent ventilated

This is why some tents are summer tents and some are four-season tents. Winter tents tend to be more closed so that the cold wind does not blow in, but do not take the four seasons tent in the summer camping Oh ~ and vice versa. The tent should also have some rope, is supported up to make the tent more upright, and also more ventilation.

2. Put away the tent during the day, and then put it up at night

The tent during the day is a greenhouse, absorbing too much sunlight, hot and stuffy; and most of the tent materials are not sunlight, the tent is put away during the day either for a cooler rest or to extend the life of the tent, is a good habit. Or, see the next article.

3. Choose to pitch your tent in a shaded area, or set up a sun shelter
It is recommended that you put a tarp under the tent, which can also be used as a sun shelter in summer, as long as you bring a few ropes and buckles.

4. Sleep: do not use a sleeping bag, a sheet/lining is sufficient
Every summer, I no longer take a sleeping bag out, I directly brought the usual sleep with a silk quilt, silk quilt is really a good thing to warm in winter and cool in summer, just go home and wash the cover can be. If you camping place day and night temperature difference, you can then bring a small blanket, cold night confused pull over a cover is good.

In addition, you can also consider entering a silk sleeping bag liner (sleeping bag liner), which can be used all year round, simply sleep directly in the liner in the summer, cold days added to the sleeping bag, reduce the number of times the sleeping bag cleaning, but also make the sleeping bag more warm, cool, clean, and most can be machine washable. For example, in the following paragraph, is rectangular in shape, unlike the mummy-shaped so oppressive, unable to stretch the fist. There is also a silk + cotton-blend lining in this collection, which costs another $30 less and is also a great choice.

5. Fan
Portable fan because the battery is relatively large, but also has a charging function. Octopus design can be placed more freely in any place. I have a few camping nights without much wind, there is a fan like this that can really make the stuffy tent much better.

by Regina Wu


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