ipanergy stroller fans: our favorite summer carry items

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ipanergy stroller fans: our favorite summer carry items

As first-time parents who love to go outdoors, we knew a rotatable handheld personal fan was a must-have for our newborn baby.

We wanted an easily adjustable, powerful baby fan with long battery life. And that happened to be the ipanergy Tripod Stroller Fan.

After having this product throughout the Summer, we felt that we couldn’t go anywhere outside without having this fan.

How We Tested The Portable Fan

First off, we bought the ipanergy Stroller fan and used it daily. We’ve used the fan in the car seat, on the stroller, for short and long periods of time, and as well as during the day and night.

We would also feel our baby’s skin periodically while we were outside to ensure that she wasn’t overheating or sweating from the sun. And from the times that we had the ipanergyer fan on, her body temperature didn’t overheat while we were out in the sun.

Front side of the amacool tripod stroller fan

Every Feature We’ve Tested

Below we’ll review every feature that we actually tested when using the ipanergy fan for our baby.

TLDR: Most of the features of the ipanergy fan were great, minus the fan being too loud at its highest settings. We also found that the portable fan would be hard to attach the tripods onto a baby carrier.

Back side with the buttons for the fan and the light for the amacool.

Speed Settings

The ipanergy stroller fan has three-speed settings, and we usually use the lowest or middle setting. Unless it’s extremely hot outside, we’ll occasionally use the highest speed setting.

The reason why we don’t use the highest speed setting as often is that we feel like it’s a little too loud. This product would’ve been flawless, in our opinion, if the fans didn’t get any louder at the highest settings.

Congratulations to all the parents who have babies that can sleep through anything. Our baby is sensitive to any sound. You drop a pin, and she’ll wake up to it.

If our baby is completely asleep, we’ll have the fan at the lowest speed setting. We would use our hands to gauge whether the fan’s power is reaching our baby. And as I mentioned earlier, we would occasionally feel our baby’s skin to make sure she’s not super hot or that she’s sweating.

At the lowest speed setting, we could still feel the wind from the fan reaching our baby. This is with our baby roughly a foot away from the fan.

Battery Life

The battery life on the ipanergy Stroller Fan would usually take us a total of 3 hours on average before we would have to recharge it. Sometimes the battery life would be reduced if we also used the LED lights that are included in the ipanergy, or if we used a higher speed setting.

The great thing about charging the baby fan is that it’s a rechargeable battery. This makes it extremely convenient for us. We don’t need to swap batteries every single time. And since it uses a Micro USB to charge, I’ll just have the fan plugged in on my office desk while I’m working. It’s as if I don’t even notice it.

When I’m done with work, the fan is more than fully charged. Just in time for me to go outside with my daughter.

Flexible Tripods

The flexible tripods on the ipanergy fan are what really sold us this product. We can position the fan however we want, depending on whether our daughter is in her car seat or her stroller.

All we would do is wrap the flexible tripod around a handle, and that’s it.

One drawback about the tripods is that you need a handle or some sort for the fan to be positioned properly so that you or your child can feel the breeze.

As of now, I still can’t figure out how I can use this baby fan if I were to go on hikes and I were to use a baby carrier. Of course, I can just hold it with my hand, but that defeats the convenience of the flexible tripods. This is why I think flexible tripods are best when you have a solid handle to wrap them around on and for them to stay in a secured position.


There are three different brightness settings for the ipanergy stroller fan when activating the lights. I must say that the lights at max settings are pretty damn bright at night. I’m not sure if my daughter finds it amusing or an annoyance. And for me as a parent, I over worry thinking if it will damage her eyes.

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