Is it better to turn on the air conditioner or the fan in summer? Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Is it better to turn on the air conditioner or the fan in summer? Panergy

Choose air conditioners or fans first to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each, and then according to their actual situation.

The advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning

Advantages: can obviously adjust the temperature of indoor air, and can be adjusted to different temperatures as needed. And listed early, many brands, there is a large choice.

Disadvantages: Large size, expensive, and uneven indoor air temperature due to airtightness and lack of air circulation after use, making people feel uncomfortable and prone to air conditioning diseases. At the same time, the power is large, power consumption, consumers are difficult to accept.

The advantages and disadvantages of electric fans

Advantages: early listing, suitable price, large air volume, and a variety of models such as desktop, hanging, floor, wall-mounted, etc. are available.

Disadvantages: Due to the use of driven air flow to generate wind to cool the temperature, the cooling effect is not very obvious, especially when the temperature is high, and seasonal, can only be used in the summer.

About the fan and air conditioning which saves electricity

As we all know, the former requires only one motor to work, so relatively more energy-efficient, while the latter requires at least two motors plus a compressor to operate, but in terms of the effect, a motor certainly can not be compared with two or three motors, so in the selection, according to their own economic situation to consider, if conditions allow, it is recommended to choose air conditioning, better comfort.

The benefits and disadvantages of using an electric fan

This device can effectively promote the circulation between the gases, because the heat falls more slowly, so it is not easy to get sick, and the customs can be adjusted at will, let's say natural wind, sleep wind, strong wind, etc., but if the fan is used regularly, there will be sneezing, runny nose, weakness and headache, dizziness and insomnia, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

Benefits and disadvantages of using air conditioners

After turning on this type of equipment, the whole living room will keep people in a cool state, and it does not need to blow directly at people, and can lower the temperature by dehumidifying function in the high temperature season, but if you are in an air-conditioned room for a long time, it will cause the sweat glands to close, affecting the normal metabolism and secretion, and even cause air conditioning disease, which has a great impact on human health.

Which one is applicable in summer?

The former is very good ventilation, but the cooling utility is not good, while the latter cooling utility is very good, but the breathability is not as good as the former, so I suggest that in the summer when the weather is hot, the air conditioning fan can be used in rotation to achieve good cooling effect, but also to ensure indoor ventilation, in addition it is best to blow two hours of air conditioning, blowing half an hour of the fan.

Air conditioners and fans do not blow directly at people for a long time

As the summer temperature is very high, thus making the body sweat rate increases, the whole body pores are in an open state, so if the face is subjected to continuous cold stimulation by fans or air conditioners for a long time, it is easy to cause spasms, blood circulation disorders, which can lead to facial paralysis, especially small babies, should pay more attention when using such appliances, it is best to place them at a distance, of course, can also blow against the wall, so that the return wind blowing on the baby The body.

by Regina Wu


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