Key points for buying a hanging neck fan - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Key points for buying a hanging neck fan - Panergy
1. Skin-friendly materials
After evaluation, it is found that silicone, ABS resin, plastic, new lightweight and other materials are more suitable for the use of neck fans, and consumers generally reflect that these materials are very comfortable in direct contact with the skin, even if it is worn for a long time, there is no uncomfortable feeling, especially for consumers who use them for a long time.

Therefore, when buying a neck fan, you can give priority to the above products made of skin-friendly materials.

2. Wind power and wind pattern
Wind power is an important element to measure the cooling effect of the hanging neck fan, choose products that can adjust the wind power, many hanging neck fans on the market have multi-position wind power adjustment function, but purely in terms of wind power size, it can be said that any brand can do the most wind power is large enough, so that the premise of wind power, the quality of the hanging neck fan to measure the good or bad, but also from the wind mode to consider The wind mode can directly affect the real feeling of people using.

The two sides of the large fan blade out of the wind type hanging neck fan, the use of direct blowing wind mode, if the wind direction can not be adjusted, the use of the process is very uncomfortable, it is easy to cause human dizziness, headaches and other situations.
The fan without fan blade ring wind type hanging neck fan, using a 360 ° uniform wind out of the wind mode, so that the neck can be blown around.
Both sides of the double turbine wind type neck fan, the angle can also achieve 360 ° adjustment.
It can be said that in terms of wind power and airflow mode, it is preferable to have a non-fan blade type and a double-turbo type of neck fan.

3. Number of gears
The number of gears is generally three, which is enough for daily use. The number of gears will be increased for more advanced neck fans, which may reach even more, so friends can choose according to their own situation.

4. Battery life
Hanging fan is commonly used for charging, the length of time to charge and the ability to last are more important elements of the purchase.

When shopping, choose the long life of the hanging fan, the best-selling hanging fan on the market, the minimum life time is generally a few hours, with the use of rechargeable batteries to ensure adequate life time, the follow-up in the product recommendations, the issue of life span will be fully considered to ensure the best experience for consumers.

5. Noise
Because of the long use of the hanging fan, many friends have certain requirements for noise, so this is also an important aspect to consider when buying a hanging fan. The traditional large fan blade type of hanging neck fan, when adjusting the wind speed increases, the corresponding noise may reach about 60 decibels, the use will feel very uncomfortable.

In this regard, the noise of fan bladeless and double-turbo type neck fan is less, especially the new products with brushless motor can reduce the noise to 30 decibels or even lower, when buying a neck fan, you can understand the noise decibel value, so as to choose the right product.

6. Weight
The weight of the common neck fan on the market is generally between 150 grams and 300 grams, according to their own needs when buying and selling, for women, try to choose a lower weight neck fan, for men, the weight of a relatively high neck fan in the use of the process is also more comfortable, the weight of the product varies from person to person, to ensure the use of the effect of the premise, you can choose as far as possible the lower weight of the product.

7. Comfort
The comfort of the hanging fan can be reflected in the material, weight and the comfort of the hanging neck.

The material and weight of the product are covered in the previous section, and the comfort level of the neck is the main consideration here. High-quality neck fans are ergonomically designed, and the angle and thickness of the entire neck material have a very scientific design, and the back of the neck of some products may be thin, leading to wearing discomfort.

8. Safety
The safety of the hanging neck fan is also an element of great concern to friends. For the fan blade will cause curly hair, tangled hair problem, the traditional large fan blade type hanging neck fan does have this aspect of the trouble, but no fan blade type and double turbo type hanging neck fan to this aspect of the problem to thoroughly improve.

For the problem of discomfort caused by direct blowing, there is no such problem with the fan without fan blade and double turbo type neck fan, and the even blowing function and 360° angle adjustment can effectively guarantee the safety of using the neck fan.

by Regina Wu


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