Notes on camping with children-Panergy

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Notes on camping with children-Panergy

1、Set some boundaries

2, the tent should be close to the fire

Than necessarily within the vicinity of a danger or something, but closer will give comfort to the heart. Unless you let your kids stay up late into the night with you, place your kids' tent closer to the fire. Make the door of the tent face this fire so that your children can see you when you are warming up next to the fire. Don't let them feel lonely, hearing your voice will comfort them.

3. Bring the comforts of home to camp

If this is your child's first camping trip, there's nothing wrong with a rough setup, but don't forget to bring the familiar carpet or pillows from home. Maybe you have a simple sleeping bag and an old T-shirt is enough, but your kids are used to everything at home. Some specific items that will make your child sleep better. Take them with you, believe me, then everyone will have a great time.

4. Schedule bedtime for your child when camping

Our baby has always slept in our own bed at home and has a regular sleep routine every night. We want to bring the same things and fulfill the same routine when we go camping. The first two times, I laid down with my child at his normal bedtime until he fell asleep. Then quietly ran to sit by the fire. Later I was able to say "bedtime" to get back into the sleep routine.

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