Outdoor camping small equipment recommendations-Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Outdoor camping small equipment recommendations-Panergy
"Electrical" series

Electricity is an important condition to improve the quality of outdoor camping, now there are a large number of devices that use electricity, the power supply is the core, after all, we really do not have a mine at home, buy a few thousand outdoor power supply or a little heartache, that alternative products are what. And, if we do not need to use 220v appliances outdoors, outdoor power seems really unnecessary, at least I have 10 years of camping experience down completely unused outdoor power and did not feel inconvenient because there are alternative programs.

1, High-capacity rechargeable batteries

The power of the rechargeable battery has become larger and larger, and the power per unit volume is getting higher and higher.

2、Electric fan

When the weather is hot, this is a necessary item, rechargeable, 8000mAh capacity, charge a small wind can be used continuously for 24 hours. Fan blade can be removed, remote control, 4-speed wind, weighing only 360g.

3, A variety of lights

First of all, we recommend the following USB lights, with the above-mentioned high-capacity rechargeable batteries, the utility of unbeatable, there are also high-capacity rechargeable batteries with lights, brightness and this can not be compared. And this small light can adjust the angle, the most critical is a small size, which is too important for camping. Light is enough for everyone to sit around the folding table to drink and laugh about life and count the stars.
by Regina Wu


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