Outdoor camping, take this multifunctional fan-Panergy

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Outdoor camping, take this multifunctional fan-Panergy

Lightweight and portable, can repel mosquitoes, comes with a hook, but also lighting, charging electronic devices, simply for the outdoor party to create a multifunctional tool!
Indoor use is also particularly suitable, and is a dual-use design, contract your home a whole summer cool ~

Ultra-light, ultra-portable! Support rod removable design, assembly, storage are particularly convenient, small family stress-free. Can also be used with mosquito repellent, insert it into the fan, the nasty mosquitoes see the legs to run!

Too many functions!
Recently, outdoor camping is particularly popular, about three or five friends to the wilderness, a brief farewell to the fast-paced city life, so comfortable. But now the weather is getting hotter and hotter, sitting outside for a while can not help but start to sweat, which was quite a pleasant thing to become a torment ......
It's time to consider a fan for the tent!
To know the outdoor environment is full of uncertainty, the fan should also be adjusted with the environment to meet the actual use of scenarios to do, this fan, comes with a hook, can be turned into a ceiling fan.

Hang it in the tent, the wind from the top down, for you and your partner to send a cool breeze, cooling the summer heat.
Can also help circulate the air, keep the tent interior fresh and comfortable, bringing you a more pleasant camping environment. Can also be used on the desktop, in the field when the big show cooking, you will not feel the heat.

There is also a USB port on the back of the fan, so when the electronic devices are out of power, the fan is equivalent to a mobile rechargeable battery. The battery capacity is up to 10000mAh! It can help you charge in case of emergency, and the sense of security is full.
The fan itself is also very long-lasting, fully charged to open the lowest gear wind, can be used continuously for about 7-52 hours!



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