Outdoor experience / Benefits of camping in the wild-Panergy

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Outdoor experience / Benefits of camping in the wild-Panergy


        Camping is a recreational activity in which campers usually bring their tents and leave the city to spend one or more nights in the wilderness. Camping is often associated with other activities, such as hiking, fishing or swimming. Camping in the wilderness, which used to be a military or sports training program, has become a leisure activity for the general public. Camping in the wild usually requires a campfire, which can be used to protect against wild animals as well as to burn, roast, cook or heat camping food, so making a fire is important for camping.

       Camping is the main way of camping for various outdoor activities such as field trips and hiking expeditions, and it is also a way of camping worth actively advocating. Not only is it close to nature, but it is also the most affordable way to camp. The benefit of camping is that it can effectively relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Camping helps people to develop a more natural sleep routine. If insomnia has become a dark cloud over your life, camping may be the perfect tool to blow that cloud away.

       Researchers at Colorado State University followed eight study subjects suffering from insomnia, recording their sleeping patterns, exposure to artificial light (lights, computers, cell phone screen light, etc.) at home and at work. Immediately after, they let the eight adults form a test group, went camping in the mountains of Colorado for a week, and took away all their small appliances, including cell phones, during which they relied only on sunlight and campfire lighting. During the first few days of camping, the test group would fall asleep at midnight and wake up around 8 a.m. After a week, most of the group would fall asleep at 10 p.m. and wake up around 8 a.m. A week later, most people went to sleep around 10 p.m. and woke up at 6 a.m. In other words, their biological clocks were advanced by two hours with the same length of sleep.

       Since the widespread use of electricity in the 1830s, humans have been exposed to artificial light for increasingly longer periods of time, especially at night. By allowing people to go camping and be exposed to natural daylight, they will develop a more natural sleep routine that is more in line with the natural pattern of sunrise and sunset, said Wright, the project's lead researcher.

Fresh air and the heavenly sounds that come from nature are extremely beneficial to the body. Waking up in the morning and strolling in the fresh, cool breeze to start your day awakens your senses to your surroundings and helps to ease the nerves strained by the fast-paced city life. Happy birds sing, and the sun smiles through the clouds, making busy teenagers smile. In the beautiful morning of the generous gift of nature, our mood naturally becomes happy and relaxed. Being in nature and away from the hustle and bustle is the best way to relieve stress and relax the whole family.

       Family camping allows us to take a break from the electronics that seem so essential to our lives and enjoy a happy family life. Leaving the electronics at home not only rests our eyes and fingers, but also gives us more time to truly enjoy our family together. My husband, son and I sit at the dinner table playing games, talking about the world, and not missing a single moment of our family's life. How could we not want that?

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