Outdoor hiking photography camera suspension protection equipment recommendations-Panergy

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Outdoor hiking photography camera suspension protection equipment recommendations-Panergy

We often hike outdoors to take photographs, the camera is our essential equipment, so it is especially important to prepare a set of reliable and convenient camera carrying device.

How to choose the outdoor camera carrying protection equipment?

I mainly consider the following aspects.

Reliability and durability, which are especially important as a carrying protection device for photographic equipment.
Operational portability, efficient pick and place speed allows the photographer not to miss every wonderful moment.
Lightweight, we shoot outdoors on the march, a set of lightweight equipment can make us work twice as hard in the outdoors.

Peak Design's camera quick release buckle is made of aluminum and stainless steel screws, and is anodized for smoothness and durability. The entire PD camera quick release buckle is weatherproof and rustproof design, so it is directly exposed to rain and snow without any problems.

The third generation product weighs only 84 grams, yet it can withstand over 200 pounds (90 kg). We need to use our hands in many cases during outdoor climbing, when the camera is fastened to the PD buckle, which can completely release our hands, it allows us to protect the maximum safety of the camera hanging on the body in any activity or environment.

In addition, Peak Design's products also provide a lifetime after-sales guarantee, eliminating the need to worry about damage and parts falling out of our products due to accidents during use. I once in the process of climbing, PD fastener screws accidentally lost, find after-sales service, they immediately sent me a new set of screw parts. This after-sales service is really not to say superb!

I also found a small drawback in the process of using it, that is, when I put the PD buckle on the thicker backpack straps, at first it was twisted tight, after a while, the screws that fasten the backpack straps may loosen and fall off. It is best to check the tightness of the screws holding the shoulder straps in place during use. Its quick release plate is a free four-way square plate, which can quickly fix the camera on the quick release buckle from different directions. It is also compatible with ARCA Aka camera heads.

The Peak Design Capture V3 Clip comes with a standard Arca-compatible plate, two hand screws, two 4 mm hex screws, an Allen wrench and a microfiber pouch to store everything.

The inner camera pouch's barrier is free to be combined with any combination of equipment slots to suit your needs. The exterior fabric of the camera bag is made of waterproof 400D 100% recycled nylon canvas. It supports access to the inner compartment from the top and side, and can be perfectly composed of a camera-specific backpack with PD's travel bag (TRAVEL BACKPACK 45L). Considering the back system issue, I use the Kitty Osprey Kestrel 48L with side access, which is perfect for my camera back system for outdoor hiking photography.



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