Outdoor Misting Fans to Keep You Cool on Hot Days - ipanergy

by Regina Wu
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Outdoor Misting Fans to Keep You Cool on Hot Days - ipanergy

Does anyone ever truly enjoy hot, sticky and sweaty summer days? While air conditioning and beach umbrellas are popular ways to stay cool in the heat this summer, one other alternative is an outdoor misting fan. 

Outdoor misting fans are increasingly affordable and powerful, helping to keep your next outdoor movie night or garage clean-out day fresh and comfortable. 

1. A misting fan: Panergy Battery-operated Misting Fan

For those times when you’re outside but not stationary, you need a handheld misting fan. This rechargeable, 8-inch outdoor fan blasts cool air using one of two output modes: continuous and intermittent. It comes with a 2-inch clamp base that can be attached to wherever you need direct and immediate airflow, like stroller or bike handles during outdoor activities.

The lithium ion battery should run for about two days before you will need to recharge it, but your mileage will vary depending on usage. There's a hole at the top where you can use a water bottle to add water.

The misting cover opens and closes, so you can still get the most out of this fan even if you forget to fill it up. 

2. A handheld misting fan

If you’re looking for simple, one-stop misting, consider Panergy handheld Misting Fan. It has 3 speeds can choose, 3000mAh Rechargeable Mist Fan- Up to 10h Cooling & 1h Misting. You’ve got yourself an outdoor misting fan.

This fan can be folded within 180°, extending to be a handheld fan or collapsing for easy storage and carrying around. Standing on surfaces, sitting on desktops, or holding in hands. A perfect personal misting fan to cool you down in the hot summer.

2. A Stroller misting fan

The personal fan puts on the decent amount of airflow, plus 3 speed settings to cool you down instantly.

With 50ml water tank to keep your skin moist, it sprays for 5 minutes then stops for 5 minutes and circulate this way for about 1H continuously after fully filling with water. Plus a 60ml bottle you can carry around to refill water easily and conveniently, keep cool and moisture on the hot and dry summer days. Note:All our products are brand new. It is normal that there may have some water left in the tank due to mist function test before shipping.

270 degree vertical and 360 degree horizontal pivoting head delivers airflow and moisture for you conveniently in whichever direction you like.

Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, it takes about 4 hours to fully charge and provides 4-6 hours duration. It supports multiple USB charging by wall charger, power bank, laptop, car charger, etc. and working on the lowest setting during charging.

The sturdy flexible tripod with soft rubber foam to prevent sliding and scratching, and provide a tight grip and the ease of ability to adjust it into any position needed. Wrap around handlebars, stand on table tops, hang on tent, or just grab it in your hand.

by Regina Wu


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