Oxygen Tree Camping Area-Panergy

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Oxygen Tree Camping Area-Panergy

It is a small camping area surrounded by mountains. There are no luxurious facilities here, only big trees and ponds left behind by the old landowner, turf planted by hand along the original terrain, beautiful mountain scenery, frogs, fireflies and starry sky...it is a good place for relaxing camping.

In order to ensure good camping quality and a comfortable leisure space for all, campers are requested to observe the following items.
I. The use of karaoke, firecrackers and fireworks, gambling, mahjong, drug use and other illegal behaviors are strictly prohibited in the campground.
II. 10:00 pm to 7:00 am is the control period, please lower the volume and speak softly so as not to disturb other campers' rest.
Please do not set up campfires directly on the turf. BBQs and gas stoves should be set up 30cm above the ground to prevent fires and turf drying out.
IV. Before leaving the camp, please put the garbage in the garbage dump and clean it up, classify it as general garbage, recycling and food waste, and do a good job of garbage classification to maintain the camp environment.
V. Do not use high-consumption products in the power outlets in the campground to avoid power tripping and burning of circuits.
VI. Outdoor mosquitoes are common, so please bring your own mosquito repellent or personal medication.
Pets are allowed, but please note that they should be tied with a leash or placed in a cage, and are not allowed to run around alone to avoid biting or damaging others.
VIII. When children are playing in the campground, please accompany them at all times to ensure their safety.
IX. Please conserve water and cherish water sources.
X. When entering or leaving the camp, please slow down for safety, and do not move alone late at night to avoid danger, pay attention to wild animals, and do not shoot or feed them.
XI. The camp is an open space, so you should be responsible for your own safety, supplies and finances, and the camp is not responsible for any loss.
XII. Please pay special attention to the hygiene and preservation of food for camping and picnics, and be responsible for any discomfort caused by eating your own food and drink.
XIII. Please work together to protect the ecology and beautiful scenery of the nature, and do not damage the campground environment.

Summer essential equipment:

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