Panergy Portable USB Clip-on Fan

by Regina Wu
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Panergy Portable USB Clip-on Fan
This multi-purpose compact fan is great for strollers, the nursery, or as a desk fan. Because of its flexibility, the clip-on style can be used for hanging, winding around, and even handheld therefore it can be used anywhere.

It has three-speed settings with a maximum of 2470 rpm to keep your child cool head. What I love most is its 5,000 mAh that will give you a decent 20-hour working time.

With rotation through 360 degrees, angle the fan to provide a breeze for the baby. It produces low levels of noise so it won’t hurt delicate ears.

The Pros

Great Battery Life

We love the battery life on this fan — it lasts up to 20 hours on low speed, 8 hours on medium speed, and 4 hours on fast speed. Recharge the built-in battery pack using the USB cable provided.

On trips out with your little one, you’ll have circulating air through the stroller the entire time. There could even be battery life left for the car journey home.

Easy to Clean

The fan has a removable frame, which makes cleaning a snap. Take it apart to wipe down the outer casing and clean dust from the blades.

Baby Safe Grill

The openings covering the five-blade fan are small. They won’t allow prying little fingers inside. Play it safe and always place the fan out of the baby’s reach.


Emitting below 57 decibels of noise will ensure a night of great sleep for your precious little one while on the trip.

The Cons

Tripod Legs

On the flip side, the tripod legs may seem a bit flimsy especially when converted to various positions.

by Regina Wu


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